Tuesday, December 27, 2011

so this was Christmas ~ part 2

On Christmas morning we meet as a family for brunch...
every year.
And we have the same thing on our plates...
every time.

It just wouldn't be the same without 'Christmas morning wifesaver'...
which comes out of the oven piping hot at the time the kids all arrive.
Along with fresh rolls...
and a fresh fruit salad.
And so it was on Christmas Day at our home.

The grands already know the drill.
Grandpa slips away from the table...
and re-appears somewhere as Grandpa Santa.
We fooled them this year!
We re-cruited the real Santa to show up at the front door with their stockings in hand.

Some were amused.
Some were afraid. 
And all will remember the Christmas the real Santa came.

And once Santa had departed...
we set about exchanging gifts with one another.
The grands always pick names...
and have such fun choosing gifts.
Everything needed to be tried and tested...

As for the gift of the year?
the hands-down winner.
We so enjoyed the Kindle reader we had on loan for our vacation...
that we decided to get the kids each one for Christmas (the big kids, that is).
They thought that since we had so enjoyed our borrowed Kindle...
they would get us each one.
So we opened a lot of Kindles on Christmas Day.
And we were all happy with our gifts.

But at the end of the day...
we know it is not the gifts we shower each other with...
but the gift of God's Son sent for us...
that matter's most!


  1. I love traditions. Doing the same thing every year just makes everyone feel content and know what to expect.
    But boy...there must have been some quick looks at Grandpa when Santa walked in. That would have been fun to see.

  2. We usually have the Wifesaver for breakfast as well but this year we'll wait til New Year's Eve when our daughter is finally home after her "White Christmas" adventure in Vancouver. It must be so much fun for all your grandchildren to be together on Christmas day. What a lovely tradition you've created for them. Enjoy the rest of the season Judy!

  3. Last night maggie asked if Santa could come. We told her Santa only comes once a year. Her response, "But he came to Grammy's?"

    ...well yeah, there too.

  4. What a wonderful Christmas you had. Great pictures and wonderful memories for all. Love the idea of Kindle giving...a great gift.

  5. Ha! That's one great looking Santa! What fun. Love the name of that breakfast dish!

  6. It's nice to have Santa visit...somehow I think some of got in on his visit this year.
    But how much fun to see the excitement of your children's faces, young or old.
    I like what Maggie said, "But he came to Grammy's"

  7. Great surprise with Santa! But Kindles?!!! not iPads?!!!! Gasp!!!!

  8. What a jolly looking Santa Claus! This looks like a wonderful tradition, Judy, and now i shall have to find out what a "wifesaver breakfast" consists of. :)

    I chuckled that your favorite Christmas gifts were Kindles as ours were books! I am still more attracted to the weight and feel of paper and gave my Kindle away to my daughter.

    It is convenient to have a Kindle when traveling, so I know you will enjoy yours.

  9. I love traditions we have started a new one at the farm a change that dad asked for since mom passed a year ago he wanted to start something new. I love the fact that you all had the same idea for Kindle's. Would love to know what is in the "Wife saver" dish, looks yummy. Thank you for sharing your family with all of us

  10. What great traditions. We used to have the wifesaver every year, until I found the Egg strudel recipe.

    I can just imagine the lovely wild pandemonium that must be Christmas at your place. Lots of love.

  11. I think our family traditions are what make Christmas special for us. Can imagine the joy when a real live Santa arrived!
    I've Googled and saved a Wifesaver recipe, that is a new tradition I'd like to start next year.

  12. Lovely story and pictures about family traditions. Ours changed slightly this year as our daughter is now engaged and spent her Christmas Eve away from home for the first time! There will be many changes and additions in the coming years I'm sure.
    I love the Christmas Morning Wife Saver casserole which we'll be making for a "siblings" brunch later this week. It truly is yummy and wife saving!

  13. Isn't that odd? We had your ham and egg cups from the MGCC cookbook and they became such a hit that my daughter-in-law also served them for her parents who also loved them. Next year we'll have to try the Wifesaver.

    What fun! Guess you showed those grands a thing or two. Such cute mosaics! And Kindles all around sound great as well.

    Nothing is better than sharing the love of God with family, though. It doesn't get any sweeter.

  14. Great pictures. I am impressed with your picture collage. I'm still trying to figure that one out.

  15. Having just come back from a family gathering.. I can just see it all! I know it's not even that easy to catch all those moments on camera, but you do it well! Thanks for the peek. Wishing you blessings for the new year.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson