Friday, December 2, 2011

a farm boy in the making...

I asked Micah if he wanted to go see the cows...
and he seemed pretty excited about the idea.

He was not so excited about the reality...
and stuck right close to Grammy!

He liked this end of the barn better.
The part where there are no cows...
since the comfort stalls are not quite ready.

From there we went to look at the flock of chickens...
all eight of them.
He much prefers chickens to cows.
And he really likes the John Deere sippy cup grandpa bought for him!


  1. Oh he is an awfully little boy in such a great big barn. I'm sure that he and the cows will get along famously the more he's invited to the barn. What a handsome little fellow he is!

  2. Oh so fun! At least he is ready for coffee break! It reminds me a bit when we go to look at our chickens too. . .If too many are looking at them all at the same time. ..they start to hold on quite tight.

  3. All those big cows, all that munching of hay, all that breathing - it must have been a BIG experience!
    I love the JD sippy cup!

  4. That is the sweetest thing on your farm, Judy...what a doll baby...I like chickens, too...I'm in good company I see...

  5. Sweet. Brings to mind the song "I'd love to be a cow(boy) but I'm afraid of cows. Moo Moo Moo they scare me".

  6. Farm boy in the making...It's so wonderful to give those boys that experience. I am assuming no cows have planted there feet in that barn as of now. When will you have a house warming Party?

  7. Such a cute little grandson...I can understand his concern and think I would prefer to be with the chickens!

  8. He is so adorable in that great big barn!!

    Love the sippy cup :-)


  9. At least he's off to a good start with the green and yellow, his appreciation for the black and white will not be far behind...a few more fun trips to the barn with grammy will definitely help!

  10. Seeing all those cows at once would make me pause for thought, too, Judy!

    When my children were young my husband and I would drive to the county in Pennsylvania to show them cows and chickens and farmland. They loved it and have fond memories of feeding goats and riding on a tractor.

  11. I can't imagine how big that all must look to him. My friend and I were talking today, about how big a train display seemed to be to her when she was little, and how small it looked a few years ago to her. Oh the memories you are creating for one handsome little guy.

  12. So cute...
    Chickens scared me when I was little. Maybe they still do.

  13. I can see how all of those cows looking at him could be a bit overwhelming for such a little guy. But, I'll bet it won't be long until he feels quite at home with it all.
    Grandpa picked the perfect sippy cup for his future farmboy. He sure is a cutie.

  14. I had to chuckle at the pictures. How cute! Yes, at that size I can imagine those cows might be a bit intimidating! And that many of them.

  15. Oh, so cute! AT least ther was a nice path for him to walk on, with the cows nicely held behind feeding troughs. I remember having to walk through ... I should say around cows on my way to school. (some farmer let them out on the road?)It was scary because you never knew which way they would move.

  16. Fun little outing with grandma. Sometimes I forget how big the rest of the world seems to my grand babies =)


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson