Tuesday, December 13, 2011

rendezvous in merritt...

For decades...
they (hubby's siblings in Kelowna) braved the winter driving conditions and came to the Fraser Valley to celebrate Christmas with us.
Often the roads were a nightmare...
and they have many harrowing tales to tell.
As time went on...
the Christmas treks to the valley ended.

But we began a new tradition about six years ago...
that of meeting up in Merritt sometime in December...
to enjoy a 'Christmas dinner' together in a restaurant.

Yesterday was the day.
And a perfect one for a drive through the mountain passes it was!
We played Christmas carols en route...
and enjoyed the scenery.

Merritt happens to be about the half-way point between our city and theirs.
We all leave home at the same time...
we each cross one mountain pass..
and we arrive in Merritt at the appointed time and place.

That place has been *BP* for the past few years...
where they don't care one iota if we stay from noon until the sun is setting!
And if we stay that long...
we have room for dessert as well!
And the coffee pot keeps coming back.
We had ourselves a wonderful Christmas get-together in Merritt...
once again.

And as the sun was setting...
we each headed back over our respective mountain passes...
to our hometown.


  1. You're brave to still travel through the mountains - in the winter! Glad you had great weather and a wonderful family get-together! Good memories!

  2. Gotta love a plan that works so well. I imagine that the weather can turn on a dime so you all take the risk to be together. Love that the restaurant allows you the time to visit. Your desserts, all of them, looked yummy.

  3. Glad to see the highway was clear. You chose a great day for a drive and family get together.

  4. That's a lovely holiday tradition - no fuss, no stress, just pure pleasure....and speaking of pleasure...is that sticky toffee pudding?

  5. I really like this tradition of yours!

  6. Yes, Pondside...it is sticky toffee pudding. Check it out at BP during the holiday season! I really didn't need dessert...but it reminded me of the authentic British dish we enjoyed in London last year.

  7. I admire countries that celebrate the Christmas days following Christmas day during which, like you, they meet up with family and friends for gatherings both large and small. I think family and friendship bonds would be stronger if the Christmas tide was stretched out a bit either before or after instead of putting so much pressure on a single day.

  8. I thought you may be taking in this annual Christmas celebration some time soon. What a perfect day! with desserts that looked fabulous!

  9. Agreed! So good to keep up the family traditions. Your last photo is breathtaking.

  10. You were wise to find a way to keep getting together. Often the growing family with new generations coming along changes the way we celebrate with our siblings (Because now we have grands to consider, and in-laws, and working around everyone's schedule, and it just gets too big...) But our sibling relationships get sweeter and more precious as the years go by and its important to keep them up.
    Your scenery is so beautiful!

  11. Beautiful family traditions and amazing pictures. Judy - what photo type program do you use for making your picture "collages"? I've been trying to figure out how to do this on my Mac. Thanks.

  12. What a fun occasion to get together and enjoy each others company. Perfect Roads and Perfect People to visit with.

  13. Thanks Judy for the info about how to post pictures and your comment about the sour cream drops. I am beginning to think that my home economics teacher had Russian Menn. roots - she taught us how to make Borscht, Lep cookies, corn bread and such. Anyway, I am still learning about and love creating your MGCC traditional recipes!

  14. I think this is a wonderful family tradition. No one is saddled with the work and everyone gets to visit. And the drive is an extra bonus. So glad you had good weather for it.

  15. Meeting in the middle for a long dinner is an excellent idea. The scenery you pass along the way must make the trip so enjoyable!

  16. Such a great idea and what a wonderful drive that must be...beautiful scenery and great company!

  17. What a great tradition. I love how you each go halfway to be together. An illustration of what we should be doing in all our relationships.

  18. What a great tradition and traveling weather to match!

  19. I remember my brother and sister in law used to meet her brother and sister in law at Merit for years. What a great half way point and wonderful tradition.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson