Monday, December 19, 2011

of candy canes and Christmas corn...

We had the gang here for turkey dinner last night.
I'll tell you about it once I've finished with the aftermath.

And I'll share the candy cane place cards that I found on Pinterest.
They were easy to copy...
and the kids quite liked them.
Hold three candy canes in place with hot glue, elastic, or whatever...
(I used the soft wax that is meant for keeping candles in candlesticks)...
then tie with a ribbon.
Slip place card in front.

If you are looking for a veggie side-dish that looks festive...
and that even the kids will eat...
try adding chopped red and green peppers to your corn.
Add the peppers to the corn once it is fully cooked...
and heat through for half a minute.
Strain and serve.

That's it for scraps from the table for today!
We had a good time together...
enjoying a Christmas feast and celebrating a 'special' birthday.


  1. So neat! And the Christmas corn is a great idea. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. What a great idea that is! The table looks wonderful.

  3. I love the placecards - a great idea of a just-after-Christmas birthday party too.

  4. Oh such a pretty and easy idea..those placecards.
    Oh. ..and the confetti corn. Thank you for that pretty reminder. Will do!

  5. Have fun making those placecards..I will have to show a version of the same cards only they have a different view.
    I inspected the table setting and you'd all want to sit down at that table.

  6. Lovely table set. Those place cards are great! Looking forward to the recap...

  7. I LOVE the place cards!! That is the one thing I never remember to make! Perhaps for my dinner on Wednesday!

    Your table looks wonderful! This IS a Merry Christmas!!

    Linda C

  8. As usual...I love your table. You have such an artful eye. Thanks for the ideas....I had one little gal asking if we would have candy canes at our place for Christmas....yes....with name tags...and pretty serviettes:) THANKS!

  9. What a fun placecard idea. And your table is so pretty.

    We were over your way, eating Christmas turkey with my extended family on Promontory on Saturday night. What misty weather you had!

  10. Now this idea sounds easier to copy than Marg's. I think I can do this.=)

  11. Cute and easy tips ... something we could all use right about now.
    Your table looks very pretty.

  12. Your table looked very pretty! I like the candy cane place card holders. I visited a candy factory in Denver that still makes candy canes mainly by hand. It was fun to watch the workers making them!

  13. Your table looks beautiful! The candy cane idea is clever and I might just copy that. I wish you and your family, a very special Christmas together!

  14. Your table looks amazing! Good times...keep up your strength, there is more to come =)


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson