Thursday, December 1, 2011

rudolph's red-nosed fiasco...

We've been making reindeer cookies every year around this time since Emme and Spencer were wee things.  

They were over yesterday...along with Ryder...
and we did a bunch of baking...
including reindeer cookies.

We used gingerbread dough...smarties for the eyes...pretzels for the antlers...
and Swedish berries for the red nose.
Just like always!

This time, however..

...the noses gave us grief in the oven...
and bled over the entire pan.
I guess not all Swedish berries are created equal!

The grands decreed that they could not eat those...
and wouldn't even take them home.
But then they reconsidered.

They would take them home for their dad...
because 'he eats anything'!

I promised last week that I would post my next kitchen flop.
I didn't have to wait long.

Thankfully the rolo cookies turned out just fine...

If you live in the area...
feel free to stop by House of James this evening...
and sample some Christmas baking.
The 'Mennonite Girls Can Cook' team will be there signing books...
and meeting and greeting.

And don't worry...
the reindeer cookies didn't make the cut!


  1. That is just awesome! I love it. I just laughed that they were willing to take them home to their dad.
    OH ..but what a lot of work to go wrong in the oven!

    Glad the rest turned out just fine!

  2. So funny that they think Dad will eat them when they don't think they're good enough.

  3. Aren't Dads great! I'll bet he even complimented them on the cookies!

  4. I love the three-eyed reindeer! Baking with kids can be so fun and creative. I thought all the cookies looked great (glad Dad will eat them with pleasure)

  5. LOL! Makes you wonder what was in or wasn't in those particular swedish least the dad benefitted from this oops. Have a great time at the House of James tonight!

  6. This makes us all feel a little bit better!!! If it could happen to just makes me feel a little bit better!

  7. Smiling! Isn't it great that dad's all over the world will eat anything their kids have made. I bet they tasted amazing...and I bet the kids had so much fun.

  8. Nobody wants a reindeer with a bloody nose :-) I couldn't resist....

    Love the traditions you have kept going with your's everything. The kind of things that will always bring you to mind as they begin families of their own....

    Love this post!


  9. This is hilarious. Your grands have their dad pegged just right. Aren't Dads who eat anything wonderful?

    Are you going to make the reindeer cookies again?

  10. Oh no, poor Rudolph.
    That's so funny that the kids thought to take them home for dad.
    Such a lovely tradition for you and the grands to bake together. No doubt this year will make a funny memory for years to come.

  11. Glad that you confessed your flops...
    but that's looks more like your kidsflop. How much fun they had..and many smiles as they go home.
    Maybe we should all bring our flops to House of James tonight...Would we not surprise them?

  12. Those good ole dads..they eat anything:) I like that. I'm sure the cookies tasted it a flop if they still taste good??

  13. Oh dear! How funny! Looks as if the reindeer all have a cold. Wonder what the daddy who'll eat anything thought of the kids' thoughts toward them. So it was the Swedish berries that exploded? I don't think I know what a Swedish berry is.

    BTW, your header with the house all outlined in lights looks fabulous!

    Must check on your other cookies...

  14. So disappointing when that happens!
    I feel like I wasted time .. but since you made a memory with your grandkids, it was not wasted. I'm sure the coookies will still come in handy.

  15. It must have been so disappointing to have a cookie disaster like this, but at least the twins Daddy was willing to overlook a melted reindeer nose! I know I would have still taken a bite of a few ;)

  16. I love how the kids decided who would like those cookies. Too funny.


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