Wednesday, December 28, 2011

surprises on the front porch...

It was Saturday...
Christmas Eve...
and I was working my way down 'the list'...
and checking it twice.
A little car zipped into the driveway...
and someone ran to the front door and rang the bell.
I opened the door...
and there stood a neighbour holding out a tray of goodies.
She wished us a Merry Christmas...
and hurried on her way.

Check them out.
These cookies were not only delicious...
but a work of art!

No sooner had I put the goodies on the counter...
than the doorbell rang again.
Another neighbour held out a jug of mulled apple cider...
and wished us a Merry Christmas.
Did I tell you...we have the best of neighbours?

Hubby came home bearing gifts from two employees.
I thought we should be giving them gifts.
Since when do employers get gifts?
Did I tell you...we have the best employees?

I just turned on the vacuum cleaner...
and the doorbell rang again.
There stood our builder...
who had just completed the barn project for us...
bearing a gift as well.
Did I tell you...we have the best contractor around?
We gabbed for some time...
and then he was on his way.

Back to the vacuuming...for a moment.
And then the doorbell rang again!
There stood my brother-in-law, Terry.
He was making a special delivery from my sister.
She had made me a Christmas wreathe...
and I knew just where to hang it.

The picture of butterflies and wild flowers which hangs on the powder room wall year round...
has been replaced for the festive season. 
It needed a little bling!
Did I tell you...I have the best of sisters?

We had a lot of unexpected surprises over Christmas!
We are most thankful for one and all.


  1. That wreath is amazing! All of your gifts are wonderful. Love those little melting snowman cookies. They are darling! Methinks you and Elmer are well loved and that is a wonderful thing as it says a great deal about the kind of people you are.

  2. How lucky are you! Hopefully your the new year will be full of wonderful surprises too! Happy New Year!


  3. How fun! Isn't it nice to be surprised by unexpected gifts? Plus... who wouldn't want to be interrupted while vaccuuming?!

  4. Unexpected gifts often mean so much to the giver - especially when they have taken the time to create them especially for you. It's the sharing and love that make this season so wonderful!

  5. All those surprises at the door - and the lovely feelings will last long after the treats have been consumed and the wreath wrapped away for next year.

  6. That's the kind of Christmas spirit that make the season such fun! This year I fretted about being barehanded for our neighborhood Christmas Eve day goodies and crafties Exchange, and Lo and behold...only one small gift of cupcake pops were delivered.

    Can't wait to do Valentine treats for everyone this year instead. Must figure out how to make the snowman cookie figure into the mix, especially since we usually get a whopper snowstorm on Valentines day here.

  7. Something tells me YOU must be pretty special to all these people!! Those cookies were truly 'works of art!'

    Happy New Year!

    PS...think they will all be back with something for New Year's Eve???

  8. What fun to have such wonderful gifts from the "best" people ever!

  9. The cookies are adorable and the wreath is magnificent! You are all well loved, Judy, and for good reason as I know you do a lot for your neighbors, employees, builder and sister and all your family and friends -- so each and every gift was well deserved!

  10. Oh my...those cookies are a work of art! Wowzers. Love the bling wreath.

  11. Well, what can I say...Thanks for the compliment on my dear husband! I agree, he truly is the best! You and Elmer, as well as Jeremy and Broni have been wonderful for all our kids who've worked on the farm. Thanks for everything! (and DO take your camera to The Garden Shed, it's an AMAZING little country store :))

  12. Boy does your sister take orders? That is simply gorgeous. So my kind of bling, and those cookies...cannot believe what works of art they are. YOU must be a very nice lady, and lots of folks know it =)

  13. Of course you would know that I would like this post. Unexpected gifts which brighten our ordinary special! I really like that plate of artistically done cookies, and the wreath is beautiful! I can see you and your husband are loved people and I understand why.

  14. How fun to open the door to all those unexpected gifts. Welcome interruptions indeed. It does say something about you and Elmer that so many friends stopped by.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson