Monday, December 5, 2011

guess who came to town?

The Santa Parade happens in our town on the first Saturday night of December most every year.  
Many times we have gone as a family...
with all the kids and grands.  
We would go early...
and grab some spots along the sidewalk
...and enjoy the bands and floats.
And mostly we would enjoy watching the grands!

Last week Emme informed us she would be marching in the parade this year...
with her skipping club.
Of course we would all be there to watch her!
It turned out that her dad couldn't come...
since he had a hockey game at that exact time.
Uncle Tim and Auntie Heidi couldn't come...
since they had a work banquet.
Uncle Kris and Auntie Lisa couldn't come...
since they had prior commitments.
So we decided we would invite Maggie and Ranen to join Grammy and Grandpa.

We were under the impression that the parade started at 6:30 and so we went in good time.
We got front row seats!
Of course...
since the parade actually only started at 7 o'clock.
So these two cousins had an entire hour to amuse themselves before the parade began!

They did that quite well!

At long last the parade arrived...
with marching bands and floats of every kind.
And clowns who threw out candies for the kids.
Do you know what that is like for a child who can't eat anything unless the label has first been read?
Maggie collected sweets...
and then promptly gave them to her cousin.

the moment we all were waiting for.
Cousin Emme and her skipping team.
(No photos.
My camera batteries chose that moment to play dead!)
They came by and were gone in a flash...
skipping off into the darkness.

The parade lasted for well over an hour...
and I'll spare you the details.
But I will include this one float...

...since I know what lies beneath the decorated exterior.

It happens to be a hay wagon...
that normally sits in a shop at our farm...
and only gets called into action in the summertime when there is hay to be hauled.
It made a fine float.

And last...
but not least...
Santa made a quick appearance.
He'll be back in a few weeks...
I'm sure!

By the time the parade was over...
and we made our way back to the car...
it was late.
Then the girls were so very thirsty they would surely die if they never got something to drink immediately.
So we stopped at a grocery store and I ran in to buy them each a bottle of water...
the only beverage we allow in our car!
I unscrewed the caps and handed them their bottles...
in the dark.
The next thing I heard was...
"This water tastes like strawberries."
I grabbed for a bottle...
and sure enough...
I had bought strawberry flavoured water.
And given it to Maggie...
who is allergic to strawberries. 
(I had no idea one had to read labels on bottled water!)
After a moment of panic...
it was decided that she had not started hers.
We eventually got them both safely home again...
none the worse for their late night out on the town.

Let's just say it was a night to remember!


  1. Oh my grammy. Glad she has a strawberry sensitive nose. The girls look so cute all bundled up waiting for the parade!

  2. Thankfully all went well Judy! I'm sure that the girls had lots of fun and I know you'll likely never leave home without batteries and plain water from now on. Enjoy your week!

  3. Judy, I can see that this special little one presents all sorts of challenges and she's worth every one. So glad that all was well in the end. Bet that everyone slept well last night! Blast the camera batteries. I would have loved seeing the skipper!

  4. Dispite a couple bumps it sounds like a fun little memory was created :-)

    Loved the photos of the little ones entertaining themselves...


  5. OH goodness...this grammy business is not for the faint of heart. .that is for sure.
    I am grateful you got them all home safe and sound. That seems to be my goal for each cousin camp.

    I bet they loved seeing their cousins skipping by. What a fun event. It seems to me we wanted to take this in this year and I saw a float sitting waiting on our way to the little guy's birthday that evening.

  6. A night to remember for you once more and the panic stricken attack. Yikes..and what's with you and your ever charging camera?
    At least I can say I had a day to remember playing tennis with you in December....

  7. ...and we thought that the difficult bits were behind us once we became grandmothers!

  8. I like that car rule! If only that's all it would have been. It never ceases to amaze me these days how you can so easily buy the wrong thing, because of the many ways something comes in.
    So glad she is okay.

  9. So good that the girls got to see the parade and have some special time together...and why can't water just be water?! What a scary moment! So glad it all turned out good!

  10. Oh the things we need to look out for in today's world. So thankful you discovered it in time. Love your photos.

  11. Fun times! Those cousins will remember that for a long time! I'm so glad to hear that Maggie did not get to her strawberry water and that you all got home safe and sound.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson