Friday, December 9, 2011

toy story....

Meccano is not a toy of the twenty-first century.
But since hubby still has his original sets...
they came out of hiding last week...
just for fun!

I'm thinking Lego is a little more user friendly...

...but Ryder and Grandpa built a fine car with their bits and pieces.
And then they took it to the basement for a little test drive.
It got a thumbs up!

I don't think you will be finding any Meccano at your local toy shoppe this Christmas.
But check the attic!

Have a great weekend...


  1. Check the attic! :0)
    This looks similar to our Erector Sets from way back...

  2. I have a set in a trunk in the basement. Our son never got into it - preferring Lego or Construx. But Tim grew up with it and loved it.

    I love the look on your grandson's face - what a puzzle!

  3. you can still buy meccano! The Toy Shop has it. I don't think it is as popular as years ago but it is still available :)

  4. is still available ..i'm sure of it.
    OH. .I love the vintage set. I would leave it out for decoration! I love that photo of Ryder looking so sweet playing Mecanno.

  5. The picture on the box is priceless - I'd take Lovella's suggestion and leave it out as a decoration.
    Any opportunity for a child to play with a grandparent is a good thing, and it sounds like the car-building was a success.

  6. Great collector's item! Looks like a brain-building toy.

  7. How fun is that! Ryder and grandpa had fun no doubt.

  8. Someday our grands will have get together and talk about all the old toys they found in our basements and attics.

  9. Amazing some of the creativity used by those toys of our era...and now it's lego, but I,m sure that the young and old enjoyed savoring those memories again.

  10. Wow! I am impressed with Elmer's saving abilities or yours or someone's. Glad that Ryder had a lot of fun with it! Bet Elmer did, too.

  11. My brother in law would LOVE it if he found a set like this! He collects vintage toys.....

    What precious memories your husband must have.....and now making new ones with the grandson!!

  12. What a nice activity for grandfather and grandson to do together. I'm sure many stories were shared abou the past and the present.

  13. Saw them yesterday at Costco in Abbotsford - only about $40.00 !!!


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