Thursday, December 15, 2011

a visit to dickens village square...

We have a sweet shoppe in our town...
featuring all things British.  
Every December...
Dickens Village comes to life with some 200 animated figures.  
Our pre-school grands always enjoy an outing to the Christmas village. 

Yesterday it was Maggie and Micah's turn.  
Trains, teddy bears, toy soldiers...
and horses that ate quarters...
it was all good!

and when the village stroll is done...
we have lunch at the golden arches.
Once a year!


  1. You are so good at establishing traditions with and for your grands. They look perfectly delighted to be out and about at the Dickens Village Square. I'm sure that the chicken mcnuggets were tasty, too. You had those, right?

  2. Such fun for two cousins to be enjoying an outing riding horses that eat quarters. Those days will pass all too quickly.

  3. Ahh, such fun traditions! Now I'm craving some Mac D's fries!

  4. It's been fun watching how you continue to share the same traditions with the little ones and some day they will all say,
    Remember When? and they will all have a different memory.

  5. Oh such a fun tradition. I love learning new ideas from other grammies.

  6. You are such great grandparents! Lucky kids to have you.

  7. If we wanted to visit Dickens Square, how would we find it?

  8. What a fun place to visit. I look forward to when my grandchildren are a bit older and we can do things like this. You are helping me get ideas. Thank you!

  9. THis may be a fun last minute plan with the grands next week. Love your traditions.

  10. My mom went there earlier this week with her neighbor! It's an annual tradition. And from there they went to the Country Garden's display...apparently they have taken the train ride indoors...a good idea for the Wet Coast! So many fun things to do in your part of the country! I'm sure the grands are loving it!

  11. Dickens Village must be a fascinating place to take the children. It would be wonderful to see their reactions to the displays.


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