Wednesday, February 1, 2012

the congregation in my neighbourhood....

They are back...
in full force.

We thought they had chosen another neighbourhood this year...
but it seems they have returned to their old stomping grounds.
The bald eagle.
So majestic!
I like having them around.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. Oh I am glad that you don't mind having them around. I, think that I wouldn't mind, but I do mind those turkey vultures. There are certainly a lot of them. Can they be pesky?

  2. After reading your blog for a few years now, I totally understand why they would want to come back to your beautiful area. Who could blame them? :)
    Great pictures.

  3. You are a very lucky person! I would love to have that sight to look at! I practically crash my car when I think I see one of them in the distance. Thanks for sharing!

  4. We're also fortunate to have several perch in the tree above our house and can hear their high pitched cries. They are predatory though and we've actually seen an eagle snatch an unsuspecting cat and fly away with it.

  5. How blessed YOU are!! The only place I will see them is on your blog!

    I thinl it is fitting for such a majestic creature to love YOUR place!

  6. We are enjoying our bald eagles as well. I try to be sneaky to catch the perfect photo but have not managed yet this year.
    You have some beautiful shots.

  7. I've seen them in my travels this week - aren't they majestic? We didn't see many on the Island in December, which is their normal time to visit us.

  8. How fortunate you are to have them in your own back yard. It's something I look forward to every year when we are in Montana...

    Glad to see them now, if only in a photo:-)


  9. O.K. - you have the coolest "front porch". That is awesome!

  10. Wowzers. That is a congregation! On the way to Harrison on Mission hiway (?)We saw more eagles than I've ever seen in my life. Amazing!

  11. Wouldn't it be fun to know which ones had been visiting year after year

  12. It is so good to see them flourishing!

    A Bald Eagle was spotted recently in Brooklyn -- it made big news here as they haven't been seen in this area in decades.

  13. These are amazing. We have Red Kites in our area, they are beautiful birds which became extinct from here some time back and then were re introduced. Not quite as big and plentiful as your bald eagles though!

  14. Okay, what is wrong with this picture? We have an issue with big blackbirds in our backyard and back field and you have bald eagles. I think if I was a bald eagle I would settle in your part of the country too, with so much beauty to view each day:)


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson