Wednesday, February 20, 2008

back on the road again...

Yesterday morning we hit the road as the sun poked through the clouds.

I was beginning to wonder whether I would in fact be seeing any palm trees on this trip, when I spotted one beside the road...

...rather a poor excuse for a palm tree, but I thought it may be the only one I would see!

By lunchtime we had reached our destination...Danco Trailers in Turlock, California. While hubby did his truck & silage box research, I amused myself in the car (I'm reading a book by Randy Alcorn called Deadline...a novel which raises a lot of questions about eternity). It was determined that the truck would fit the bill perfectly, except for the fact that they could not have it ready for us by the time we would need it on the farm this spring. No final decision has been reached, but we have a few days to give it some thought.

Meanwhile, we decide to take the 'road less traveled' for a time and take in some of northern California's beautiful scenery.

We passed by several reservoirs, with extremely low water levels...we are wondering whether there is a water shortage in the area.

We passed by the 'cattle on a thousand hills'...

...and noticed mile upon mile of dry-stack rock fences which have withstood the forces of nature many years!

Oak trees and rock far as the eye could see!

Deer grazed beside the road...

...and wild turkeys scooted about nearby.

Our scenic drive led us to Angel's Camp, which is an old gold-mining town near Yosemite National Park.
We checked into a quaint resort for the night...

and took the time to walk about this morning.

We also met another group of Canadian tourists enjoying a morning walk!

It was soon time to begin the long trip home. For the first few hours we again travelled on secondary highways...

...there's so much more to see and it's so much easier to stop!

We detoured through a few historic towns...and marveled at the wonderful old buildings and cemeteries.

Once we reached Sacramento, we were back on Highway 5 heading north...

...and soon were in the mountains. The sun was shining...there was snow at the summit and we so enjoyed our drive!

Mt. Shasta was magnificent!

In the evening watched the eclipse of the moon...we couldn't have had a better view!

And as we drove, we sang along with Brian Doerksen...

How can they say there is no God
When all aound creation calls?


  1. Beautiful pictures! When Eric and I travel we usually take secondary roads as much as possible. So much more to see! Mt. Shasta is so pretty! I have several shots from the last time we were up there. Just a beautiful area! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Sounds as if you two are having a wonderful time with the exception of the truck issue...hope that that gets straightened round especially if you need it for spring.

    You always take the most exquisite photographs. I love the rock walls, the oak trees, Mt. Shasta. Well, it's all beautiful.

    The book sounds intriguing as well. Continued happy trails!

  3. How amazing to drive and watch the eclipse. What a treat.
    Your scenery looks spectacular. I admire the way you take a bit of extra time to travel the less busy stretches of road. Those long straight stretches can be so boring.

  4. What beautiful photography, Judy! We also love taking those much less travelled scenic routes.
    That eclipse sure was a special treat from God!

  5. Wow, enjoyed the interesting rock fences, barren oak trees and ocean views. Glad you could enjoy the moon eclipse like we did -What a sight to see - we also marveled at God our creator. Did you you have an interesting dialoque with those 4 Canadian tourists, or just get some "squacking". Great to have you back home. Martha

  6. It's always like I'm taking a vacation when I come by to see you, Judy. Your pictures always tell a story so it's great that we have a narrator!

  7. Sounds like a great trip. Isn't that a great song? That was one of our theme songs on our last ski trip.
    It will be good to get caught up once again.
    Coffee and walking sound good.
    WElcome back home.

  8. I'm loving your little tour of the countryside! Aren't those little back road highways great? And you had some fabulous music to sing along to also. And a lunar eclipse. And a snow capped mountain. And sunshine. What could be better! (Maybe more palm trees?)


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