Friday, February 15, 2008

wasn't that a party?

A tea party with all the girls (and and one grandson) was a wonderful way to celebrate Valentine's Day. Ryder wasn't really sure what a 'party' was, but he was looking forward to it all day!

We decorated cookies...

Auntie Heidi joined in on the fun...

and it looks like she even made a special one for Tim...I think he'll have to stop by if he wants it though, since it stayed here!

Ryder was more interested in eating candies than decorating cookies...

...and waited (not too patiently) for the party to begin! He let out a whoop when cousin Ranen arrived, and ran to the door to welcome her.

Now the party could finally begin! Ryder kept wondering if this was all there was to it...sitting around tables wasn't quite his cup of tea. And why would Grammy not come play upstairs with him?

Before long the tea party was over...although Ranen wasn't so sure she was ready to leave (she's running away from her mommy)!
As luck would have it, today is a Pro-D Day (no school for the girls!) that meant Emme and Spencer could stay for a sleepover! Emme ran up to the 'tickle trunk' to find an appropriate party dress...

...and we sat down to enjoy a Valentine's pizza party with Grandpa!

Emme & Spencer are always performing their magic they were quite impressed that Grandpa had a few tricks up his sleeve this time! What they don't know is that he's been perfecting his act for months...and finally was ready for a performance. I wasn't sure he would ever be brave enough to actually do his tricks, since Kathy and I laughed uproariously when he first tried them on us. The girls, however, were a much kinder audience, and were rather enthralled...offering that he could join them in their next magic show!

We finally got the required batteries to play Uno attack...a game Santa left us at Christmas. I'm not sure we got all the technicalities figured out, but there is no doubt that Spencer was the clear winner (with Grammy and Grandpa pulling up the rear).

It was a wonderful way to spend Valentine's Day...with my most precious grandchildren! Date night can wait...since I'm apparently going on a four day non-stop date next week. Elmer needs to 'whip' to California to check out a silage truck and box, and a navigator is required! I'll keep you posted.


  1. Oh Judy, your day sounds just perfect. When our grandbabies get old enough to have parites I'll be all over that. I agree that date nights can be any night when you are just two at home.
    Your little ones are just so cute. I loved all the pictures and so happy to see that Ryder could be well enough to join in the table sitting fun too.

  2. What a fun day Valentines party that was. The kiddies will have fabulous memories and will beg for one next year and the next and so on. Heidi you added a special touch. Nice to see you. Martha

  3. Ahhh to be a grandchild in your family! Ryder is looking terrific!

  4. What a wonderful party ya'll had!!
    Great idea!!

  5. What a wonderful time! I felt like I was right there enjoying the party with all of you! Thank you so much for sharing your time with the kids with us!


  6. Judy, this was truly wonderful. I played UNO with my Grandmother as a girl. You went out of your way to make it a special day for your family! Jennifer

  7. What a wonderful party. Your grandchildren are darling.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson