Tuesday, February 19, 2008

a day on the journey...

From the rising of the sun...
till the time that it goes down...
the name of the Lord shall be praised!

We left the homeland as the sun came up yesterday morning, and (after a pit stop at Tim Horton's), passed through US customs at Sumas.

I had to poke my camera out the window as we passed by Lynden....

...a farming community with picture perfect farms and glorious snow laden peaks as a backdrop.

And I couldn't resist one shot of a raspberry field, all tied up and waiting for spring. I don't miss all the years that we had raspberries (over fifty acres), but I still admire a nicely kept berry patch! And nothing beats homemade raspberry jam...ask my grandkids.

Time somehow moved slower than at home...but it was a gorgeous day for driving, and as the sun was setting we entered California.

Hmmm....where are those palm trees?

We spent the night in Redding, and are off to Turlock this morning on our 'trucking' mission. I hadn't planned on posting today, but discovered the miracle of WiFi at the hotel...so why not?

Have a wonderful day...we will!


  1. Ain't the 21st Century grand? I am so glad that you found the chance and the means to post! What beautiful country! Keep those pictures coming...

  2. Isn't Wifi wonderful? When I used to travel with my husband I would "borrow" wireless internet from where ever I could find it! LOL! The pictures are gorgeous! I love northern CA! If ya want those palm trees, though you're gonna have to go alot farther south! : ) Have a great trip!


  3. Wow, you must have eaten your lunch on the run or else made very good time.
    I'm sure the scenery was wonderful as you travelled along. What a great thing to be able to chat and relax and have a date all at the same time. Enjoy that trucking store. (maybe there is something across the stree .. .I always am looking to see what would interst me when we stop at those places .. I'm so glad you found internet service.)

  4. Well, welcome to California! Hopefully you are finding some sun in Turlock??

    It's good you aren't coming furher south for sunshine, because there is none! It's supposed to be dreary and even rainy for the next several days.

  5. Leah you always have the most lovely pictures posted...so glad that you were able to post these!
    Can't wait for more!


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson