Monday, February 25, 2008

brighten your day....

By now I know many of you are very tired of winter! Are you looking for something to brighten your day?

We've had a little more snow than normal, but for the most part our west coast winters are pretty mild. I don't think I'd do so well out on the prairies...or in the mid-west. I had an e-mail and a few snow pic's from my sister-in-law, Jeanne, in Iowa this morning. Here's what they are dealing with....

....Kiley and Andrew are actually standing on the barn roof. I'm sure they are quite thankful the hog barns are empty this winter!

I'm ready for spring! We just had a week of sunshine and warm temperatures...I actually got outside and started to do a little gardening. And we moved our bistro table onto the back patio yesterday, so we could have lunch out in the sun. It was 13 degrees (that's 66'F), and felt rather like we were in California.

And just to extend the California feeling, we had fresh squeezed orange juice for breakfast! My hubby doesn't spend much time in the kitchen, but loves making orange juice (with a Bosch citrus juicer).

Our banker was making a house call first thing this morning...we were thinking a little fresh squeezed OJ and a good interest rate on our business loan may just go hand-in-hand!

The oranges have been wonderful since Christmas, and we have gone through many a sack. We picked up a bag from a roadside stand on our California trip last week, and I had a good chuckle when I read the label this morning (you can tell that I never read the packaging...if it looks good, I buy it!)

We paid $5 for the bag and enjoyed several oranges each day since...this morning we made a whole pitcher of juice with 9 oranges. (As I recall, a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice is $5 at the fine restaurants.) And what could be better than fresh-squeezed orange juice to share with friends and family...or a banker on a winter's (almost over) day?

I'm on my way out to enjoy the sunshine...

but if it's still winter at your place, try some fresh California oranges to brighten up your day!


  1. Now that does looks delicious. We don't treat ourselves to freshly squeezed oranges. The collective "we" meaning no one that I know does.

    Hope that your banker was kind!

    I just knew that moon shot was one of your photos. And how was it achieved?

  2. Boy, my mouth is watering for an juicy orange now!

    I'll be sure to pick up some at my grocery tomorrow!!

    Hope you are having a wonderful day!

  3. Yup we're doing that..eating oranges every day, this is the best season for them. Sad thing is we're not eating them outside yet although the temperature has come up by quite a bit. I'll be out there having my coffee or an orange as soon as I possibly can, for sure before the snow is all gone.

  4. Sounds like we are doing the same things. I'm wondering if I'm spring cleaning or fall cleaning that never got done last fall...
    Anyways I agree it's time for spring.
    My tulips are up and are looking great and healthy.
    Those are such good oranges.
    I've just been buying them at Safeway when they have the specials on.

  5. Judy - I am so ready for spring I can hardly stand it! I loved seeing those oranges today!

    Thanks for visiting me and wishing me well after our break in. I don't imagine the thieves will ever be caught, but I will be okay - just take a little time and lots of prayer. Thank you thank you - Vickie

  6. Thank you for wisiting on my site, Judy!

    What a lovely photos you have here! Fresh oranges are really wonderful. They are also something that we don't have here in Finland.

  7. Those oranges look delish! The ones that arrive at our grocery stores are so dry and shriveled, and never have the beautiful leaves attached. Your banker should give you a great rate for such a bright treat! ENJOY!


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