Friday, February 1, 2008

eye behind the lens...

Meet Linda...she's the eye behind the lens!

If there is one person who will never be caught without a camera, it's Linda! Long before digital cameras were vogue, she took reams of film. If one needs pictures of any past event, Linda is sure to have them in her files. I believe she has an entire room in her house for pictures...boxes and boxes of them.

I've tried to get that perfect eagle picture this winter, but haven't managed to get even close. Linda got a few shots this past week that should be sent to National Geographic. Since she shared them with me...I will pass them along for you to enjoy!

Wow...incredible pictures! They were taken at Birch Bay...a quaint little seaside village on the American side.

So thanks, Linda, for sharing those pictures with us me. And while I'm passing along news and views from your place, why not wish you a 'Happy Birthday' also? I'm looking forward to joining you at the big celebration!


  1. Some fine looking eagle shots there...does this sound like a golf game? Who took the photo of your friend Linda? That's a very nice shot, too.

  2. Those are amazing eagle shots. I tried to enlarge them but I couldn't .. I was a bit sad about that. It looks like the eagle was doing some duck hunting.
    Happy Birthday to your friend. I know people too that were never without a camera and became excellent photographers roll by roll.

  3. Amazing photography...thank you for sharing...I agree that Linda does great work and we have seen the evidence at our family weddings this last year. Also, a big Happy Birthday to Linda.


  4. What an impressive looking bird, and impressive photographers. PS. Happy Birthday. Pauly.

  5. She's an amazing photographer.
    We might need to spend some time.
    I often find it's more fun to spend time with people that are willing to share their knowledge with us and it becomes a teachable tool.

    Those pictures are amazing.

  6. Judy,
    How funny that you would share a post about photography today because I've been meaning to drop you a line to let you know that I've been enjoying YOUR photography on this blog. Your "in-town" shots make me feel as though I'm right there! And the pics of the little ones coming inside after being pulled by a tractor in the snow were precious!
    Yes, the bald eagle shots are fantastic and I could certainly invision them in a wildlife publication but remember to enjoy your own photographic skills because your readers do.


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson