Friday, February 22, 2008

the end of the road...home!

We left Eugene, Oregon early yesterday morning, and (with a few pit stops along the way) arrived at the border crossing late afternoon. Our four day road trip/extended date to California was nearing an end. Although it may appear that I have done nothing but sit and watch the world flash by for the last few days, I actually accomplished a few things while I was away.

As those familiar mountain peaks came into view...

I finished off a pink baby afghan, and am now ready for my little granddaughter's arrival.

Kris and Lisa are meeting regularly with specialists at B.C. Women's Hospital and preparing for the birth of their little trisomy 13 daughter in just over one month's time. I am fearful...and yet at peace about her arrival--we know God is in control!

And I've been busy embroidering bunnies...lots of bunnies!

Easter's coming, and bunnies seemed an appropriate subject to hone my embroidery skills. I haven't embroidered anything for over twenty years, and had no recollection of how to do a 'daisy stitch', etc. So let's just say these are free-style bunnies!

As my hands were busy, I had a crash course in American politics--compliments of Rush Limbaugh! I'm just thankful that my vote is not required, since it's all about as clear as mud. We don't listen to Rush on the Canadian airwaves--he is quite entertaining despite his obvious political viewpoints.

The Twizzlers and peanuts are gone--the book of Sudoku puzzles will have to go on another road trip. It may have been a business trip...but I'd call it a pleasure!

And (as always) it's good to be home again.


  1. Hi Judy

    Thank you for the kind comment on Kari's site about my thoughts on turning 40! It can be such a tumultous time but, really, it's a gift.
    Loved visiting your blog here--great pics! Hope you can tke a hop over to mine! Nice to meet you!

  2. First of all, I am sorry that your comment was lost at my blog. I have been having such trouble with leaving comments on some bloggers' sites that I am tempted to give up leaving comments at all even as I know how much fun it is to receive them.

    The handiwork that you have been doing is lovely. I admire grandmothers who create such beautiful things for their granchildren. Since my little grandsons were not allowed blankets (that's a story and a half), I haven't made anything for them...perhaps a quilt one day.

    These days of waiting must weigh heavily at times. May the Lord be very close to you all.

    Glad that you had the chance to listen to him, have listened to him for 21 years! It certainly will be an interesting political year. I've not had the feeling that I have this year of not having a good choice; although, I know that there are many others who've felt this way in the past. Guess it's my turn to plug my nose.

    Bet you're glad to be home!

  3. Welcome home Judy!
    The afghan looks so sweet and soft, truly a wonderful gift for your granddaughter.
    About embroidery..those are some cute bunnies! I have taken that up this winter as well, also hadn't done any of that for many years. I'm finishing off tea towels I had started years ago and actually quite enjoying it. It's handwork that is easy to take with you on a road trip. I can't do that kind of work while driving along in a vehicle, makes me a little woozy.

  4. Judy. . .welcome back home.

    I always quite enjoy listening to Rush too when we travel south. He is certainly an entertaining fellow and I agree that I'm happy with the way we do politics here.

    Your baby blanket is just so sweet. Such a tender gift for a child so loved.

    Oh and the bunnies. . .I love them, you may not have been doing embroidery for quite some time but I'd say you have still the knack.

  5. I love the bunnies, what pattern are you using? It is great being able to make beautiful things for grand babies. Katie

  6. Katie...

    I'm using patterns by Arlene Neely of Rabbits Haven ( I actually bought a kit at a local quilt shop and it included the patterns...Arlene is from Mayne Island, British Columbia.

    Thanks for the visit.

  7. Welcome back my friend.
    While you are making bunnies, I am cleaning up my Christmas trees. I remember you said, you'd stop by and help me before Easter?
    I was thinking about your blanket the other day. Now comes the waiting part.
    Have a good weekend.


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