Saturday, February 2, 2008

saturday routine...

Since I have been a dismal failure at tracking my footsteps this week (I am joining forces with a bunch of gals who are determined to increase their activity level in 2008)…I will have to come up with a list of excuses once again. My pedometer went missing after several days of use. I had purchased one for hubby at the same time & his was still in the un-opened package…so I thought I would just borrow his in the meanwhile. That was well over a week ago, and I have not yet found it. I’m thinking my over-zealous cleaning crew may have discarded it along with other ‘plastic’ items in my kitchen, which had absorbed too much smoke odour! So I won’t be measuring steps anytime soon…but I’m not really sure how the pedometer counted my Saturday morning routine anyhow.

While the rest of you are cleaning your house, I join a few other gals at a local gym to take part in a ‘No Sweat’ fitness class. It’s nothing I look forward to…it’s punishment while I’m there (my daughter thinks the ‘No Sweat’ is a mis-reprsentation)…but it feels so good when it’s all over!

Enjoy your Saturday, whatever your routine…

PS Keep your woolies nearby because word has it, we're in for another six weeks of winter (it's groundhog day)!


  1. Can't say exercise routines are fun for me either but I do what I have to and yes always feel so much better after it's done. Your gym looks bright and roomy so that's a plus!
    Our groundhog saw his shadow as well so there goes that

  2. I used to love to go Mall Walking back when we actually lived near a mall...make the rounds checking out what I wanted to come back and take a closer look at, ya know? hmmm...I miss those days!

  3. Just six more weeks? That's really good in my neck of the woods. ;>

    You're so brave to join an exercise class and to give up leisurely Saturday mornings to do so. May you have all the wonderful results that you're hoping for!

  4. I'm feeling quilty. I was having coffee in bed this morning as you know, we love to do that.

    I think I'll strap my snow boots on for good and go walking.

  5. Way to go!! I'm just not a gym person. I have never been to a fitness class in my life. I was sitting here just thinking that. OH, wait, there was the pool fitness class that I went to on the Maya Riviera .. .oh . .boy, why did I start to think of that.
    We are completely fogged in here. It's actually quite pretty.

  6. I'd like to say it looks like fun....but it just doesn't! *lol* I'm so not motivated right now...but hoping that I'll get there soon!



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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson