Tuesday, February 5, 2008

pick your colour...

It's been over a week since the snow arrived...and it's still here, with more coming down this morning! If you live in this area, you know that's quite unusual. Our snow is never around for a long...it normally disappears quickly with the next rain storm that comes in off the coast.

The ducks sitting out in the field don't seem to mind...

...and the starlings haven't yet left for greener pastures.

I've quite enjoyed my walks out in the snow...

...the fields I walk past look so different dressed in white. And I rather like things to be black & white! But it seems the guys thought we needed a little more colour on the farm this week...

...so they have three new tractors that they are trying out. It now appears that the Ford 8000 that went into the shop for R & R (repair & restoration) will not be returning to it's previous post. I'm not sure they want any input, but I'm willing to accept votes as to which of the above tractors should be the one to stay. So here's the drill...cast your ballot for green (John Deere), red (Case International), or orange (Kubota). I'll let you know how the vote goes...although I don't think this will actually be a democratic decision!

I'm off to the airport today to meet Kathy (my sister), who is flying out from Manitoba for her annual winter escape!

Until tomorrow...


  1. oh boy . .. tractor voting.
    We have a small assortment of JD's on our yard so I'd probably like to keep the farm in uniform.

    Heading to the airport to pick up? We're heading to drop off, it seems like we don't get to actually get on the planes .. . just look at them.
    It sounds like you are in for special times with your sister.

  2. Isn't that orange just the best...I vote Kubota!
    Enjoy your visit with your sister and remember every story about our cold weather is really true!! lol

  3. I'm just heading out for a walk in the snow once again.
    I'm for the John Deere, "Nothing runs like a Deere"

    Have a great day.

  4. Oh voting on the Canadian side, too, eh?

    Okay, I love John Deere and the green, but I know too many farmers who say that you can't go wrong with the Kubota so my female mind heads straight for the green John Deere and my rational self votes for the Kubota.

  5. So eager to vote that I forgot to say have a wonderful time with your sister! I hope you'll blog about all the fun things that you do.

  6. Since I already cast my vote here in the US....I'm just not sure I'm allowed to cast a vote twice in one day! Oh..what the hay! I'm gonna have to go with that Green John Deere!!!
    Have fun!!!


  7. I like the orange one, and its name too, Kubota!

    I think I may be seeing some of very those starlings in my front yard in a couple of months...it's kind of amazing to think about that!

    I have seen salt and pepper shakers made to look like that green John Deere! Just the thing for the well-dressed table.

  8. I love snow. Why do I live in the South? Because it's home, I guess...but I love snow. And I love these pictures, the starlings, the ducks, the gaggle of tractors...you in the snow, the snow lane...you caught me looking...lovely post

  9. We swear by Kubota around here! There's my vote! Have a good visit with your sis and let us all know what fun you two have! Vickie


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson