Friday, August 14, 2009

celebrating our firstborn...

How well I remember this look...thirty-five years ago!

Kris was one year old...and his designer favorites were Osh Kosh overalls...not that he had much input! He loved books...and puzzles...and all things farming...and was the centre of the universe for me...his mother.

Two years later...he had a brother...and soon the two of them were fast friends...and still are! They got into much mischief...those two...many episodes are best forgotten...and others I'm sure I know nothing of.

But here's a picture that I've been itching to the right moment...and I'm thinking a thirty-sixth birthday might be the perfect time.

Kris...decked out in nothing but a birthday suit...led his brother down the garden path (his brother had the decency to wear gum boots).

Mother just happened to look out the kitchen see two boys streaking across the yard and through the cornfield...while all clothes lay discarded in the sandbox. I grabbed my camera and caught them before they disappeared from sight. Too cute!

Time had changed many things...

...and that's not all bad. (I'm laughing too!) But some things will never change.

Kris, you will always be my firstborn son...and have a special place in my heart.

It was fun celebrating with you last night...and I wish you many blessings in the year to come.

Happy Birthday,

Mom & Dad


  1. Birthdays abound in August, it's my husband's today! Bonne anniversaire to your lovely son, I'm sure he's delighted at you showing the whole world his nude photos!!!

  2. Osh overalls...all the 70's babies had them. Little brother looks so much like my son I at first thought "why is Jeff's picture on this blog?" How funny! Let him know he had a twin in So. Calif!

    Read you comment about thinking about going back to college. I did my masters degree at age 45 when both kids were in college. Except for mastering the technology of modern school life, college is a blast and a snap when you are "mature." Probably because you aren't romantically distracted during class!

  3. Great photos Judy..good job of 'capturing' them running nude through the cornfield.
    Happy Birthday to that handsome son of yours!

  4. As mothers we should wear cameras hooked onto our belts so that we always have them just when we need them. Perfect timing for you my friend! Happy birhtday to your good looking son! I wish him many more, and the joy of "what goes around, comes around." Hopefully he has his camera ready.

  5. Happy Birthday to your son, Judy. He is a very handsome guy. As the mother of sons I enjoyed reading about his close relationship with his brother especially the antics in the cornfield. That is so funny. You'll never be sorry you grabbed the camera for that one. He might, however :-)

  6. that is the best picture lol! happy birthday to him!

  7. What a great post! Oh I'm so glad you had the presence of mind to snap that streaking photo...priceless! Our first two are boys and 2 years apart and great friends still. I'm with you on not wanting to know all the stories there are to tell with those two... :0)
    Happy belated birthday to your firstborn!

  8. Those boys are priceless. I love those innocent shots.
    He looks different than when I see him in his scrubs. I would probably never recognize him any other way.
    Happy Birthday Kris!

  9. I absolutely love that post. Priceless photos and memories. Happy 36 birthday to your firstborn son! Mine is eighteen and just graduated from high school this spring and I am feeling my memories, as well. They grow up too fast!

    Have a wonderful day!

    Mermaid Debbie

  10. Many blessing. . .abounding!

    Love the pictures. . .you have always had a good sense of what photograpy should and can be. . .

  11. Love the cornfield shot!! :-) So lucky of you to get the picture!!
    Happy Birthday to your son!!
    My two kids are 35 and 37! Hard to believe that so much time as gone by since they were little.

  12. Ah - that was so very sweet!
    It goes by so quickly, that crazy toddler-little-one time. All of a sudden they're in their thirties and taking pictures of their own little ones.

  13. You are taking a big risk there mother...grin! What a shot! I am just wondering...have you heard from your son yet...since you posted it? Grin. I can't believe you got such a shot!

  14. I thoroughly enjoyed your birthday post. My first born's name is Kris too, he was born in 1972. I just love the photo of the boys in the corn field, what a PERFECT birthday photo!! I have a similar on of MY Kris in a raspberry patch.

  15. This was so sweet! You captured such a happy chuldhood memory --the innocence and freedom of children! I love it!

    Happy belated birthday to your very handsome firstborn son!

  16. Judy, your're the shutter bug -- getting a shot just as the kids are running naked through the corn field. How fun is that!! It's a Keeper!!

    Kris loved books then and has read many since, solved puzzles then and continues to every day he works in ER.

    Happy Birthday Kris. We wish you a great year.

    Love, Uncle Vern and Aunt Martha


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson