Monday, August 24, 2009

a true country fair...

There's something about a good old-fashioned country fair...that just keeps pulling us back...after all these years. When our children were young...we discovered the Northwest Washington a beautiful rural community just across the border from here...and it became our fair of choice. What's so good about the Lynden fair? For's clean! The people who work the fair are friendly, courteous...and clean! Back in the day...we bought wristbands for our children to have unlimited rides in the midway. Now that was a big hit! And...unlike some fairs we had visited...the midway was not a scary place.

We visited the fair again this past weekend...after staying away for quite a few years...and found nothing much had changed. It's just a good old-fashioned country fair....where the sun always shines.

It's always fun to check out the barns...

...and the 4H exhibits.

It seemed it had been a long and tiring week for these young farmers...

...and they were taking a wee break. There were dairy cattle...and beef cattle...

...and petite brown-eyed Jersies. And just when we thought we had seen it all...

...there was Ben...a 3250 pound steer...who was to big to fit in my picture. Not to mention the horse barns...the pigs, goats and sheep...rabbits and chickens. I could have thought of a grand or two who would have been quite happy to be there...but it was just us two this time.

The men stand around and kick tires...and talk farming....and find their favorite colour in tractors.

If we can drive retro cars...why not retro tractors? Brim has just the one for you.

There was an entire building filled with hobbies and crafts...
...including amazing quilts...unlike any I had ever seen.

And here is something else that was new and different...we somehow managed to spend an afternoon at the fair...and not go anywhere near the midway...and that was quite OK.

Is it possible to go to the fair without sampling fair food?

The Lynden fair has some strange and wonderful offerings when it comes to food...

...many with a Dutch flavour...and all smelling so good it is hard to pass by. I won't even admit what I called dinner while visiting the fair!

Another drawing card...the wonderful free horse events at the grandstand. What fun to watch chariot races, crazy eights, barrel races...and teams of draft horses slugging it out.

And every evening...featured entertainment in the grandstand. Over the years we have taken in many wonderful shows...including the Beach Boys, Jan & Dean, B.J. Thomas, the Wilkinsons, and even Willie Nelson. But who would expect the Gaither Vocal Band to be performing at a fair? Only in Lynden! It was a sold out performance...and they put on a wonderful show. I hadn't heard them in years...and was so glad to see Michael English and Mark Lowry back...and three others that were new to me...but so talented. It was a great end to a day at the fair.

That's my kind of fair!


  1. You've really captured the spirit of an old-fashioned country fair, Judy. I could smell those funnel cakes! We'll be visiting a similar fair here in mid-September, and I look forward to it every year.

  2. Too funny Bev .. . .we were there on Thursday . .our first time ever.
    It really is an old time country fair. I oddly didn't take any pictures. . .I was just fascinated sitting on a park bench eating my icecream cone watching the folks go by .. .and you can't take pictures of what fascinated me.

  3. I love country fairs too and this sounds like one of the best.

  4. Can you blog about this ahead of time next year? =) Sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon. BJ Thomas is still singing?

  5. we were there the same day you were :) we grew up going too, and my parents continued every year as it's right during their anniversary.
    We joined them again last year (they were VERY eager to have their first grandchild experience it), and this was our second time again as adults. It was just as wonderful as last year, and we plan to continue the tradition of attending yearly.
    i'll be blogging about our day or tonight
    (please email me your address if you're interested in reading - so you have a connection of who I am, I know Heidi through my brother in law, Chris Ens.

  6. I came here from "For everything a Season" and enjoyed this post so much. My husband used to drive one of those "vintage" tractors, plowing gardens to pay his way through college! Oh, and the Gaithers too -- what a great fair!

  7. I miss the "country fair" back home! Yes, it is wonderful with children, it is wonderful as a couple, and I've even enjoyed strolling a fair by myself a few times, after discovering that few people want to gawk as long at flower arrangements, photography, and odd looking rabbits as I do.

    And the food! Strange food! In Texas they had deep fat fried Coca Cola. Yes, you read that right. Freeze coke, dip it in batter, dunk it in hot oil, and there you go! Right up there with deep fat fried twinkies and oreo cookies for really "bad for you" eating at the fair!

  8. Our state fair is going on now, but I am not up to that any more. Used to love to see all the flowers, cakes, sewing items and all the ribbons. I love the sausages with sauerkraut and onions and mustard and the funnel cakes. If I keep on thinking about I just might go.

  9. I loved your pictures of the fair. I just wrote about the State Fair a few minutes ago on my post. The funnel cakes are so yummy. Looks like you guys had so much fun.

  10. Sounds very much like our tradition of attending Lynden fair every year for a full day of rides. I haven't been in a few years, once they began charging extra for the evening concerts. It is a great fair though, and they always have some great entertainment. Too bad the Agrifair or Chilliwack Ex can't compare to it.

  11. NW Washington Fair - so many memories brought back as I read your blog. We too used to go every year with and without children. Somehow there hasn't been enough time in the last few years - you've inspired me to try to get there once more, hopefully next year. Gaither Vocal Band, can be heard every Friday evening on Vision TV (channel 70 in the Fraser Valley) - it's one of my favorite evenings of inspiration and I try not to miss them.


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