Thursday, August 20, 2009

weather...or not

Though the skies are not always blue...and the sun may not always shine...over here on Canada's west coast...

...we have someone who brightens up the forecast for matter how dull or dreary. Tamara the face of the weather on CTV News every evening.

We all know her in this part of the she has been named the Best TV Weather personality many times over the past years...and we have seen her face on the cover of many magazines. We also had the opportunity to watch Tamara in action on the HGTV show "Love It or Lose It"...where she spent her weekends redecorating homes around the greater Vancouver area.

For those of you who live in other parts of the world...and have never met will have your chance tomorrow...August 21st. Tamara was chosen to co-host the Regis & Kelly show...from thousands of nominees in the recent 'Co-host for a Day' search. She was thrilled to be selected...and will be a wonderful ambassador for Canada.

So...whatever the weather...tune in to see Regis & Tamara tomorrow...August 21st!

Out here...the sun is will be a hot one (according to the 'fill-in' weather person)...and I plan to enjoy it!

Photo source: CTV BC


  1. Yes, that cheery smile is familiar to me. I don't know if I'll get to watch her tomorrow morning, but I'm sure there will be clips on CTV later!
    PS no burrs on Millie, but I had to pick them off my yoga pants last night after feeding and watering the hordes!

  2. Yea Pamela, We'll see what tonight brings after another hot day.
    Hey, I can record that...
    She is so delightful.

  3. Okay. I'll set my DVR to record your girl. Thanks for the heads up.

  4. I will watch that. We had one of our former news anchors on with Regis last week. Chris Parente who has moved to another city. I forgot to watch. This girl must really be good.
    Thanks for the heads up.

  5. I'm setting my TiVo. Thanks for the tip.

  6. I do admit I watch the Regis & Kelly show when the weather here is not nice and I am not out doing my usual walk in the park. Since I will be packing tomorrow for my vacation I will try to tune in. She looks very pleasant! I hope she can tolerate Regis' sometimes gruff and impatient demeanor! :-)

  7. Thanks for the heads up Judy she is a doll.

  8. Amazing...isn't it? Makes the ol heart she is our own daughter or something. She truly is a beautiful person...inside and out!

  9. Another event I missed by not visiting the blogs last week. I would have really enjoyed watching Regis and your weather girl. What an honor for her to be chosen out of so many entries. Hope you had fun watching her.


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