Tuesday, August 18, 2009

penny candy?

Penny candy is definitely a thing of the past! But a few weeks back we discovered a quaint little general store...not TOO far from home...that carried a wonderful supply of all those old favorites...that we once knew as penny candy.

It was decided that we would do a 'fieldtrip' with all the grands to the candy store sometime before summer was over...and yesterday was the day! Since Broni was out shopping...she met us at the designated time and place. I arrived with her three children...Heidi came with Maelyn...and Lisa brought Ranen. It took four vehicles to get us all to the candy store...to buy penny candy. Hmmm...it seems like there might be something wrong with this picture. We realized things were not going according to plan...when we noticed ours were the only cars parked outside the store. And on the doorstep...sat a cat...yawning, stretching and cleaning herself. That's what happens on Mondays! It's a lazy day out in the country...and the stores are closed. Why did we not think of that?

The grands were out of the car in a flash...carrying their box of coins...and ready to pick their favorites. What a disappointment to see the 'closed' sign on the door!

All was not lost...we quickly moved to Plan B. There's a wonderful ice-cream shop out in the country...with a playground...and pet goats and donkeys. If you can't have bubblegum...

...bubblegum ice-cream will do just fine!

There's a first for everything...and Maelyn looked quite thrilled to be riding the slide with Emme...but not so much when she hit the bottom.!

These three returned home with their box of coins intact...assured that we would make yet another trip to the country store for penny candy. The girls were happy with their consolation prize...a big bag of back-to-school clothing. And one day soon we will do the candy store fieldtrip once again...we like to make the most out of a good thing!

Have a terrific Tuesday...


  1. What fun to plan a trip to a candy store..too bad to find it closed. I remember penny candy.
    I'm glad there was a plan B.
    Thanks for sharing your photos Judy!

  2. Jaw breakers, peppermint sticks - yummy! It sounds as though plan 'B' was a success, but I'll be watching for a return trip to the candy store.

  3. I'm glad there was a great plan B available. And, it looks like it was a huge success.

    Now, you have the promise of another "sweet" day to anticipate.

  4. Yippee for the great lesson that there can always be a plan B! Delayed gratification is also something great to learn :0)
    Now I want to go to that store!

  5. I've had adult style dissapointment myself when wanting to go to that little store for lunch on a Monday . .they make fantastic lunch. They also get their candybars from the UK where they are still allowed to put things in their chocolate bars that make them taste like when we were kids. . .
    You still had fun. . .and now they
    still have something to look forward to .. .its like a bonus.

    my word verification is cande ...no kidding.

  6. The candy store looks like every child's dream. How disappointing that it was closed, but plan B seemed to be a huge success. I love the photo of your granddaughter in the polka dotted dress enjoying her bubble gum ice cream. Summer at it's best.

  7. I'm so glad there was a plan "B" as I can imagine how disappointed the grands would have been to not have any sweet treats at all. :-)

    I loved penny candy as a child and I also collected the little charms that came in gum ball machines back in the late 50's early 60's. I had collected a basket full of them and remember playing with them so much as a child.

    Sweet childhood memories last and last! It is so good you are making many of them with your grands!

  8. What a great looking candy store!! I would have rather had the ice cream anyway! :-)

  9. I can remember standing in front of the candy counter for ages trying to decide how to spend my nickel. It was a big decision :) And I got quite a bit of candy for 5 cents.

  10. What a wonderful idea about the Penny Store. So sad that it didn't work out, but of course Plan B is special and it's funny how fast they can get over those kind of things. Sometimes it's harder for us...because we anticipate the excitement with them.

  11. Great idea, this type of field trip - both for the kids AND for their moms. And well worth a return visit for another day.

  12. What a joy it would be to visit an old fashioned candy store...can I come :) Your family look as if they enjoyed plan B just fine. I am anxiously anticipating your posting when plan A is successful.

  13. Great fun to catch up with you a little bit here. This post on penny candy is so cute...love the pictures of the grands...and Ranen enjoying that cone. Looks as if another successful summer is well underway...hope it continues for at least another three or four weeks.

    The hardest thing about private school is the separation from friends. It's the thing that I heard about most from my two kids...not enough local friends.
    I'll have to tell my daughter that one of her former school chums could move close any day now. Ha!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson