Monday, August 10, 2009

singing the blues...

I've always been rather fond of blue...and still am. And so I have quite enjoyed all the blues I encountered in my travels this past week.

There were bays of blue...

...and skies of blue.

The blue heron on a blue lagoon...

...and a breakfast table all decked out in blue on a pondside patio.

We walked fields of blue...that smelled most heavenly...

...and rode bikes of blue on a beautiful gulf island.

The seas, the mountains and the skies...all shades of blue on our vacation paradise.

And …while rolling down the roads…I have been working on a wee blankee of blue. Smile.

I am singing the blues…in a good way!!

I have many pictures of our island adventures...and lots of tales to stay tuned!


  1. Well, blue is my favorite colour, so opened this post quickly.
    Beautiful photos - and you look as though you're having so much fun on those blue bikes!

  2. Neat post Judy..I like your way of 'singing the blues'!
    Wonderful holiday I'm sure..I enjoyed the pics.

  3. Fabulous! Love all your blues. Looks like a wonderful trip for sure. Looking forward to seeing more...

  4. First of all I have to comment on your header picture. It is just gorgeous!!

    Now, onto the blues...
    Since you have visited my blog you know that I am a bit partial to blue:-) I enjoyed seeing your blues today and would love to be sitting on the shore of that blue lagoon right about now. A lucky little baby will soon be receiving a blanket in the most beautiful shade of blue and it looks sooo soft.

    I'm looking forward to hearing more about your trip.

  5. Your post is just beautiful--what an eye for beauty you have! I love the sea and sky, too, though I've never tried a motorbike. But I may! It looks like fun!

  6. Great post...Join me and you'll see the blues once again...They are such intriguing colors.

    What? Are those mopeds? I thought you packed your pedal bikes....

    I hope we can all enjoy a few rainy days...then the blues will return.

  7. Hi Judy

    Welcome home! After green, blue is also my favorite color. Your photos were all lovely.

    You are knitting little blankets of blue? I think there may be a happy announcement from someone in your family soon! Congratulations!

  8. At least you did not feel blue! Loved all your blue shots. Scooters...what fun. Kathy

  9. A "Blue Monday" from you my friend, is a new experience. So many beautiful pictures. My two favorites...the blue scooters and the fun ride I 'm sure you had together, and the "blue" blanket. Can't wait to hear the future details on that. Lovely post today! I am enjoying this trip with you!

  10. I love the wool you're using, I've made many baby afghans with that wool and it works up wonderfully.
    Right now I'm crocheting a double strand of baby pink and blue which is turning out quite nicely, I've posted a pic on my blog if you'd like to see it.

  11. Boy I am jealous of the bikes. Wonderful, wonderful pictures. Those are my favorite places to see blue, too. Be safe.

  12. Wonderful pics.... would love to see a picture of the blue crocheting when the project is done!

  13. I love the blues. . .especially the last.


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson