Friday, August 21, 2009

a friend for all seasons...

We were fast friends in junior high...although we lived a world apart...or so it seemed at that time. Since we both commuted to a private school...our homes were separated by some thirty miles of countryside. During the school made not one speck of difference...since we were together at school...and could easily arrange sleep-overs after school. Come summer time...we saw little of each other. Our parents weren't real excited about taxiing us there was work to be done. Phone calls were out of the it was long distance! We resorted to letter our only means of communication. And so we were friends for three seasons...and were forced to put our friendship on the back-burner over the summer months.

That was over forty years ago (yikes)...and now we are making up for those summers we missed out on.

We try to fit an the occasional tennis game...

...and then there are the steps...

...and a good walk now and then. Last week we walked ran the 8 km. Hope Classic...a fundraiser for spina bifida. I must say Marg tricked me into that one...but it was all good!

Last night we met in Marg's air-conditioned kitchen to try out a new (to us) recipe from MGCC...

...while the guys barbecued prawns. Good food...good was a great evening!

These days there are only a few miles between us...and so we see a lot of each other...and can phone without long distance charges anytime. But here's the funny thing...we still like writing letters...and now they arrive in the designated mailbox in seconds (rather than days).

To my all season friend...thanks for sharing your kitchen and your dinner last night. It's been a good summer.

Have a great weekend...


  1. What a great friendship! So glad you found each other again.
    Friendship is to be cherished..

  2. How lovely to keep in touch after so many years, that's the secret of good friendship.

  3. I love hearing about friendships that have lasted over many years.

    Good for you for participating in the Hope Classic. I've always wanted to participate in something like that.

  4. Our friends are one of life's blessings! :-)

  5. What a gift a seasoned friendship is. You and Marg are lucky to have stayed connected - and I love it that you do more than just chat when you get together!

  6. What a wonderful thing. Someone to remember the good old days with. I have no friends from childhood still alive. It is hard to believe. I say one's notice of death in the newspaper. Called one and was told she had passed away and lost track of the other. Blessings

  7. How sweet is that! A good friend is such a wonderful blessing from God! Enjoy...

  8. What a privilege to have been part of this friendship which started way back and been rekindled over the last years, simply because I'm Home Again.
    Many memories we share and more to come.

  9. I loved the last line. . .
    I find that even though I don't worry about long distance calls anymore. ..there is something so satisfying about finding an email in the box .. .enjoyed leisurely and with enormous affection.

    It looks like you have found and refound a wonderful friend.

  10. I love the energy your friendship holds on it's many levels. Isn't it great when you have friends that you can alos enjoy as couples! Kathy

  11. That is so wonderful to have such a special long term relationship. Truly a special gift for you both!

  12. These are the kind of friendships that brighten our lives, and add joy to the journey. I like how you did the exercise first and then sat down to a lovely dinner. You all look like people that it would be fun to pull up chairs and sit down with.

    Friendships are cherished gifts.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson