Wednesday, August 26, 2009

we must go down to the sea again...

Every summer...since these two were wee little...

...we have taken them camping. The first time they came with bottles...and diapers...and letters of permission from mom and dad to allow us to take them across the border. The first few years...we went to the Lynden KOA...and never left our site.

More recently...our camping trip has increased to several nights...and always includes a field trip to the beach.

It's that time summer is quickly coming to an end. The motorhome is packed...and we are off on a grand little adventure.

Their favorite penthouse suite is ready...

...I'll be back next week to tell you all about it.

And while I am away...I'll schedule a post about 'a little town that did'.


  1. Have fun with the grands Judy! Those little girls must be so excited:)

  2. Those little girls are so blessed. . .and you .. are too.
    The time you spend with camping and all the other grammy B things you do is stockpiling for the future relationship.

    Have tons of fun.

  3. You really do some fun things with your inspire me. Enjoy, and I will look forward to your post upon your return. Kathy

  4. Sounds like lots of fun. Enjoy!!

  5. Oh, my fortunate you are! Days spent with these two precious girls. I wish you much joy. Perfect way to close out the summer season with those sweet, little granddaughters.

  6. Have fun! (That looks like Blaine, WA. Is it?)

  7. Those little girls are precious. I love the one with their hair messed up.

  8. They are so cute, those two! I love the bed-head photo too :) Can't wait to see this years photos.

  9. I love that last picture. They look so adorable up in their perch. They look so cute. I'll bet you guys are going to have so much fun. The girls will have such wonderful memories of your summers.

  10. Hello Judy...I've had very little time these days to catch up on all my bloggy buddies...whew.

    It look and sounds like all it well in your world my friend.

    Thank for your comments...blessings

  11. Have fun!

    We are off to drive to Wyoming tosee Yellowstone National Park tomorrow. I've had little computer time and will catch up when I get back!

  12. What great fun and how blessed you are being able to take the children like this.

    Interesting to see your fayre and compae it with those over here.

  13. Ohh .. they are precious! double precious! May you have the best of fun with them!

  14. It's always a treat to take those little ones and give them a refreshing change and then it's a treat to bring them back home.


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