Tuesday, August 4, 2009

a weekend to remember!

I'm checking in from afar...while on an island vacation...and will leave you with a few photos of our long weekend adventures.

We had the privilege of spending some time at an incredible RV Park on the southern island...with the most amazing hosts. It was a private park...and I think it should remain that way...and so I won't be giving you the exact location...but it is situated in a beautiful treed park...up on a hill.

You've heard of B&B's...but this RV Park takes service to a whole new level.

Not only were we served breakfast in style on the pondside patio...

...but we enjoyed a most delicious dinner at the same venue...served by my friend and gracious hostess.

Our hosts took us to Witty's Lagoon...

...where we had a wonderful time wading and watching seals. We saw things we would have never found on our own...and so enjoyed the commentary that came with a local perspective! The best way to see a new area...is with a local tour guide.

We so enjoyed attending the Symphony Splash in Victoria Harbour on Sunday night together with our friends.

We enjoyed a wonderful picnic on the lawns (compliments of our hosts) in front of the parliament buildings...

......and listened to the concert together with 40,000 others.

No visit to Victoria is complete without catching a glimpse of the grand old Empress. I have old photos taken at this very spot 38 years ago...while on our honeymoon.

The sky grew dark...and the lights came on...

...and the evening ended with a wonderful display of fireworks. It was B.C.'s 151st birthday party...and it was one I won't forget anytime soon!

I won't likely be posting anymore vacation pic's this week...but I have a pre-vacation post ready to go that I'll share with you one of these days. While I am exploring places with names like Cowichan, China Beach, Campbell River, Courtenay and Chemainus over on the island...I'll tell you about a place called Clayburn that I visted recently back on the mainland.


  1. Hey, it's good to hear from you and it looks like you had the perfect hosts.
    I can just imagine you sitting in front of the Parliament buildings.
    That must have been an awesome experience...Memories go back to our marathon in Victoria last Oct. It's such a beautiful place.


  2. Lucky hosts, I'd say!
    We've done an inspection of the fenceline and plugged a hole or two, so the beautiful David Austen should be safe now!

  3. Lovely photo's, you look like you are having a great time.

  4. Looks and sounds like you're having a grand time. Love all the pictures!

  5. Gorgeous times for you!

    Hey...I've been to Clayburn! Can't wait to see your pictures.
    Of course you WILL explain how it got it's name....
    (Only took me a bit to figure it out!)

  6. I just figured out coming from Pondside that you guys had hooked up. What a special treat. Sounds like you are having some wonderful adventures.

  7. We really enjoyed being on this island yesterday. Several comments back and forth amongst us like...one day is so short, there's so much to stop and see, wish I could dawdle, Maybe we could send Katie back to the U.S.A. by herself since she has to work tomorrow and we'll just stay another day :0)
    Your photos are great and a few are very similar to mine.

  8. This was a highlight of my late afternoon, visiting your blog and being fascinated and thankful that you shared what you did. It seems like true hospitality was given to you in that beautiful place. What a gift to be able to share with these dear people. And the history and architecture of the city you visited was amazing. Thank you for sharing this blessing with us. Wishing you more enjoyable days ahead.

  9. Wonderful pictures. That was a great place.

  10. Oh Judy your trip looks so divine!

    I've been fortunate to have stayed at the "Empress", and have been to the Island a few times. Gorgeous, that's all I can say about the place, simply GORGEOUS!!

    It sure looks like your Host and Hostess have taken the RV Park to a whole new level, WOW!!!

  11. Hi Judy!
    It was so nice to see that you were given such nice hospitality by blog friends! The BC celebration
    and concert together with 40,000 others looked like a splendid occasion. What a wonderful trip you are having!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson