Monday, August 31, 2009

White Rock ~ bicycles, beaches and bedheads....

White Rock, British Columbia is located about forty-five minutes from Vancouver and just five minutes from the Canada/US border. It is a quaint seaside community clustered around an eight kilometer sandy beach and the warm shallow waters of Semiahmoo Bay. There is a promenade that is two and a half kilometres in length, a train station, a long fishing pier and colourful sidewalk cafes. And they have a 'white rock'...

...of course. The large, white rock figures prominently in the legends told by the local Coast Salish native peoples...who are known as the Semiahmoo first nation. Semiahmoo is the Salish word for 'half-moon'...describing the shape of the bay. They visit to White Rock is complete without a photo of yourself in front of this historic white rock. I'm not really sure why I needed to borrow my photo from Wikipedia I have been to White Rock on many occasions through the years! And did I mention that the sun always shines in White Rock? They claim to have more hours of sunshine than any other city in our fair province. Doesn't it sound like the perfect destination for a camping trip with our granddaughters?

It was Emme & Spencer's turn to go camping with Grammy and Grandpa...since Ryder and Ranen had their chance earlier in the summer. So much earlier, it seems...that it was all but forgotten...and Ryder was quite determined to come along with his sisters.

We stopped by to load the girl's bikes and bags...and stood outside talking to their mom and dad while Emme and Spencer said their final good-byes to their many kitties. I saw a cat jump into the motorhome...and it was quickly expelled. Soon we were ready to hit the road...and I made one last check for stow-away cats. Sure enough...I noticed the blankets on our bed were moving...and thought a cat had burrowed in. It was then I noticed a few blonde curls peeking out...

...and I found a Ryder tucked nicely under the blankets...and beneath two bikes which were stacked on our bed. He's very good at hiding...and was quiet as a mouse...and had I not been on the lookout for cats...he may just have managed to sneak along. We left him behind and drove to a lovely RV park near White Rock....a few miles from the beach.

The girls were on their bikes in no time...

...exploring the park and making new friends.

They found Marmalade on the bench right where they left him two years ago...and soon forgot about all their kitties back home. They stayed up until all hours....playing Mexican Train with us.

And in the morning...they weren't in any big hurry to get out of bed!

They looked out from their penthouse suite...sporting bedheads and big smiles...and wondering what was for breakfast. We were still at the breakfast table when Auntie Lisa called...she was driving out to White Rock with cousin Ranen to spend the day at the beach with us...and she had the little stowaway along!

We picked up the pace a little...and got ourselves down to the beach...planning our sand activities for the day...even lugging a wooden framework assist in making the best sand castle ever.

There was just one little thing we had not thought of...

...and that is something called 'high tide'. Why was I thinking that high tide always happened in the evening...or during the night? Where on previous visits we had dug in the sand...we found boats and geese bobbing happily on the waves.

Ryder and Ranen had no idea that this beach is supposed to be miles of sand...and they found lots to amuse themselves with. Emme and Spencer were somewhat disappointed that their plans were not quite working out...

...but soon set about collecting rocks and shells...

...and finding jellyfish and crabs.

Before we left the beach for the day...the girls moved one large beached jellyfish back into the water...and set it free.

Back at the campsite... was pool time. I was thinking I might just sit on the chaise lounge and watch the fun from the sidelines...but they wouldn't hear of it. And guess what? They never get cold...and never get tired!

There were no complaints about the camping meals...let's just say I left anything gourmet at home. There was, however, quite the disappointment when they realized we could not have a campfire (still a total ban on campfires in a very dry province)! How would we make smores?

Where there's a will...there's a way!

The days time passed before we knew it...and soon we were on our way home. As we were exiting the RV park...the girls begged for one more chance to say good-bye to Marmalade...and are hoping they will find him on the same bench if they ever return.

Soon they were home...and their welcoming committee came out to greet them. Bentley is patiently waiting...while Emme is opening up a 'doggie bag' with goodies just for him. What would they do without their pets?

All in was a grand camping experience once again. There's always next build castles in the sand!

Have a great day...


  1. You know I adore your travel posts but that picture of Ryder is my absolute favorite, Judy...I'd have it framed!!!

  2. I love this post .. .and somehow I am always silently cheering Ryder on. . he's such a funny little duck.
    The girls will have such wonderful memories of your camping trips. .

    I love the line. .they are never cold or tired. I'd be both.. .guess it comes with age.

  3. Sounds like you all had a great time making happy memories!

  4. What a fun time esp with that stowaway! He sure was determined.

  5. That's a great way to bookend the summer - camping with the four 'big kids'. I love the idea of a little stowaway and was glad to hear that he got to visit the beach thanks to his auntie.

  6. What fun to be able to spend this kind of time with your grandkids! What great memories they'll have. Good job on roasting those marshmallows!

  7. So there actually is a white rock in Whiterock? The things you learn from a blog ...
    You really know how to enjoy spending time with your grandkids and making them each feel special.
    funny - my verification word is misand ... were you ever able to build that sandcastle?

  8. Oh Judy! Beach camping with kids is just the BEST! Our years and years of beach camping are now over but I firmly believe children grow best with sand between their toes and salt water crust in their hair. Adorable pictures...great memories forever.

    (I just realized what was missing from your trip: Surfboards propped against every wall!)

  9. Well, they never run out of energy do they. Sound like everyone made best use of their equipment, whether roasting marshmallows on a BBQ or hauling a framework to make sand castles. I'm still surprised at how much stuff John had in the pick-up that was not used....
    Maybe next year.

  10. You always seem to make vacations so much fun. No wonder your little guy tried to slip in could he miss one of your fun trips. Another beautiful post!!

  11. Sounds to me as though Ryder has a little of his dad in him! Is Marmalade a yearround resident of Whiterock?

  12. Judy, It looks like you guys had the best trip. Your grandchildren always look so happy. Ryder was clever trying to go on the trip. I wish I could have gone along. It looks so relaxing.

  13. Oh Judy, great post, love seeing your grandkids and what a fun time camping in the rv. You are creating so many great memories for these kids.

    I loved your quote, "they never get cold, they never get tired". LOL, I just cracked up over that statement. So true and yet so hilarious, I can just picture your expression saying that. HAaaaaa

  14. Hi Judy

    It does look like a wonderful camping trip! I'm glad you found Ryder before he was a successful stow away

    We are still on vacation and I have not had a good Internet connection till tonight. We've seen some amazing sights and I must have taken a thousand photos, but the best are of my grandson! I can't wait to see him again soon.

  15. Judy, this must have been so much fun. You are so good at creating special times with your grandchildren. I know they must adore you and grandpa.

  16. I just read a little story that had a line that went something like this...the only thing I dislike about being a grammie is the lack of energy I use to have. I could relate...I often run out of steam before we are half way through the day. The grands don't seem to notice or care that I am not so speady....we jsut have fun. I always enjoy your grand events. Kathy

  17. Another nice trip with the girls. What a blessing.

    Loved the community paintings.


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