Monday, December 28, 2009

and so this was Christmas...

Christmas looks a little different every year...though some things never change. It's always about family coming home......of going to church and celebrating the birth of Christ...of gathering around the table and eating far too much...of opening gifts...and of making wonderful memories for years to come.

This year there was no one missing...away or at work...and we all went to church together on Christmas Eve. How special to see the grands sing with the kids choir...and to join with the masses in singing Silent Night by candlelight.

We all came back to our house...for the usual Christmas Eve appetizers. What was not usual...

...was that the grands arrived to find 'Grandpa Santa' sitting next to the tree. He was a little early, it seemed...but had heard that some of the gifts were going to be opened on the 24th this year...and so he was very accommodating! Maelyn wasn't all that thrilled to sit on his lap...the others were more amused.

Micah woke up long enough for a picture...and then returned to 'visions of sugarplums' for the rest of the evening. The grands opened a few gifts on Christmas Eve and then ran off to play...

...while the guys had a Christmas Eve invitational ping pong tournament (no one else is actually is always just the three of them...and gets rather serious!). Soon it was far past everyone's bedtime...and they all left for home.

What was definitely a change this year...was to wake up to sunshine and blue skies on Christmas Day. A pleasant change! We have brunch at our house every year...which always includes Christmas Morning Wifesaver (a breakfast casserole)...some things are not allowed to change.

We were ready and waiting when they arrived...some in their pj's and all in good spirits. It was a leisurely time around the table...and we finally left pulled ourselves away to go open gifts.

Heidi seems quite delighted about something...while it appears that Tim is on his phone.

Small wonder that his daughter knew exactly what to do with her new Fisher-Price flip phone!

The big girls got pottery this year...they are always fun to buy for.

Once the gifts were unwrapped...there was so much to do. Ryder and Ranen had fun with their costumes from Cousin Maelyn. Doctor Ranen dispensed her good medicine...while Policeman Ryder arrested anyone and everyone in sight. The pantry became the jail...and it seems no one tried too hard to escape. They raided the treats and settled in for a good time.

And the guys? They were back in the bonus room...playing ping pong again. They take it quite seriously....and all have their own professional paddles. And before long...they are opening windows...and doors...and turning down the thermostat...while we are wondering why the house is so chilly!

The great room looked rather like a war zone...but it was all good.

Several hours later we found ourselves back at the table...finishing off the leftovers...and calling it lunch. Some had other family gatherings to attend that afternoon...some stayed until evening. It was relaxing...and fun...and good to have everyone together. That was Christmas at our home!


  1. Your Christmas Eve/Day looked great, so glad you had a lovely time together....yes our house looked like a war zone too, infact it still does until the twins are in bed! Have a blessed New Year

  2. It all looks like a wonderful time! The Santa photos are great. Love your dining area with the built ins and great room!!
    That's too funny about the phone :0)
    Micah is such a cute little bundle.
    So enjoy your recuperation from all that fun...
    I'm thinking I should give the dishwasher a couple days off!!

  3. Micah? Oh I have missed something wonderful here. Your home looks wonderful even if it was a bit of a war zone. What a terrific gathering place!

  4. It sounded like a perfect Christmas to me! I love the "war zone" picture...brought back memories for me of great gatherings with loads of gifts and childish energy.

    Your house is so lovely, and more so with family inside.

  5. How special that we were given a peek into your family Christmas celebration. What a joy filled celebration you all had. Each of the pictures revealed the happiness and the excitement on the faces of those present. Personally, I liked the ping pong tournaments. I grew up in a family were ping pong tournaments were a part of the Christmas Day, although I don't think ours was quite as competitive as yours. You and your husband seem to be warm and caring hosts, and your family is beautiful.

  6. It all looks so delightful Judy! A very joyful Christmas Eve and Day spent with your wonderful family.

    I also loved all the views of your gorgeous could be my dream house!

    Relax and enjoy the rest of the week!

  7. Sounds like one long Christmas DAY! Lot to do, gifts to open, meals to prepare, playing Mr. Dress up, and of course the on-going Ping Pong Tournament. That sounded tense....
    Thanks for giving us a glimpse of what Christmas looks like at your home.
    And now the clean-up!

  8. I love it. . .oh what fun.
    I can just imagine the make belief . .oh I would have loved cosutumes like that. I just so enjoy a peek into your family life. It looks like a wonderful place to visit.

  9. Looks like your family Christmas was full of memories this year. Great pics Judy, your family is so lovely and your home is so pretty!!

  10. I chuckle at you and me. We must be very close to the same age and season in life any way. Our lives seem to track on the same pathways. Our Christmas look very similar after viewing yours :)

    I love your great big kitchen/dining area that flows into your great room. Mine could have been a tad larger.

  11. My favorite shot is of ryder plugging his ears beside his screaming cousin on papa santas lap.

    This morning magdelyn was "on the phone" and I asked her if it was grammy -- She looked at me and screamed PAPA!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson