Wednesday, December 30, 2009

quillows all around...

What exactly is a quillow? Literally, it is a pillow that unfolds into a quilt. In my was pillows for the grands that unfold into fleecy blankees (sometimes called stadium blankets). Our last stop in the USA before returning home from vacation this fall was Joanne's Fabrics...just in case I might spot some fun fabric for a project or two. I found fleece in great retro prints that I couldn't resist...and came out with enough pieces to sew the grands each a quillow for Christmas. The ones for the girls had flowers and swirls (and ladybugs for Maelyn)...and for Ryder, what could be more perfect than bears and a camping theme?

And from the leftover strips...they all got scarves to match their quillows. They will always know which is their scarf!

I made the blankees 54 inches square...but they can be made in any size. I followed a tutorial I found here...the biggest job is cutting everything down to size. Once the reversible blanket is is folded and tucked into the pillow pocket.

I attempted the folding and tucking lessons on Christmas Eve...but we may have to give a refresher course one day.

Emme and Spencer got fleece blankets from my aunt (that would be their great-great Aunt Kay) for baby gifts...and they still treasure them to this day. But the fleecy softness has long since disappeared...and so now they can retire their old blankees and take quillows along for their travels.

So that was the project that was still on my sewing machine right before Christmas. Something always gets left until the last minute...and this year it was the quillows.

Have a great day...


  1. See? I learn so much from you .. .I love this idea. I'll be sewing quillows too. I can see that they would be especially a great idea once they start going to friends for sleepovers.
    I had trouble with the tutorial link. I am not sure if it is just me. .but it might need a reboot.
    thank you for another fantastic grammy idea.
    oh WV is waremerl. . kind of like warmer

  2. I am totally impressed with your skills!!
    Love the Quillows!

  3. Judy, those 'quillows' were just precious and a perfect gift for young children. My neice 'Judy' introduced us to those nearly 20 years ago when she made two for each of my girls for Christmas. Of course then, it was calico with cotton quilting material inside; no cute fleece to be found like now. That brought back some memories. Seems my daughters both have theirs packed away still! It's awfully nice visiting you, Debbie

  4. Wonderful idea...hmmm...I have two birthdays coming up in January...hmmmm...

  5. You are so talented and so made to be a Grammy! Those quillows will get well used and loved, I'm sure!

  6. And to think I threw all my scraps away...rats. I just made plain old blankets. I had never heard of a quillow. Well maybe a few years from now I will attempt that project. Very cool. Especially the matching scarfs.
    I had no intentions myself getting caught up in all the fleece at Joannes, but once inside that store, I went crazy. Everyone got a blanket/comforter from me. They all loved them.

  7. I got to see some of those quillies...How beautiful and yet I don't think that you gave the tutorial on fleece scarves. I wear mine daily...It's so soft and warm around the neck.
    I wonder what your next project will be? Your word verification is "inquit" and I'm thinking, I Quit!!!!

  8. I love those "quillows", I've seen them before but never heard the word quillow. Sooo clever! Your fabric choices are the best Judy!

  9. Those are such sweet and practical gifts! The fact that they are portable makes them perfect for sleepovers and camping, etc. Fleece is so warm and the patterns you chose are perfect!

    The popular gift in my family this year was "snuggies" -- the fleece blankets with arms that can be worn while relaxing watching TV or reading. My daughter received four of them from friends and family, so now I will inherit one of them from her :-)

  10. Oh so cute!! When they snuggle down into those cozy blankets it will be just like a hug from Grammie!


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