Thursday, December 17, 2009


The delivery trucks are busy at this time of the year...

...though it seems they still have time to congregate at their favorite coffee shop on occasion. They have also been coming by our place...and even turning into the driveway every so often...and dropping off parcels. Who can resist opening a package...that comes from Switzerland...

...and identifies the contents as 'chocolat'? We opened it a wee bit early...and shared with the gang as well (since they sometimes accuse us of saving the Swiss treats for ourselves). Our Swiss friends are ever so generous...and we say a big thanks!

One day the doorbell rang...and I was given this little package...

...though I had to sign on the dotted line before they would hand it over. It was well over a year ago that we entered a lottery for tickets for some of the Olympic events...and were successful in our bid...and now the tickets are in my possession. No...they are not for sale...and we are looking forward to being there in person! I'm sure you'll be hearing more when the time comes.

Oh yes...and one day a big truck arrived...along with hydraulic unloading equipment...and soon my Christmas present was in the garage. I didn't think the box deserved to have a bay of the garage all to itself until Christmas...and so made arrangements to have it moved (piece by piece) upstairs to it's final destination...

...that being a little alcove in the corner of the bonus room...with a window view. So not only is my Christmas gift unwrapped early... is also being tested daily. How nice to walk inside when it is snowing...or freezing rain...or just plain raining. I don't mind watching the weather through the window...or the traffic along the Trans-Canada Highway...while I stroll. I'm thinking there might be room for my non-walking partner to put another piece of equipment next to mine...and we could chat as I walked. It's just a thought!

Have a terrific Thursday...


  1. Those are some great gifts Judy..enjoy!

  2. I loved all those UPS trucks flocking together!
    We've been making daily trips to the post office to claim parcels, but have, so far, resisted the temptation to open anything. Won't you have fun with your treadmill!

  3. Good for you to start using your Christmas gift early - get a start to keep off the seasonal pounds! You need some music to make the scene complete. Dairymary

  4. Oh ..your deliveries are wonderful and good for you to get a head start with your Christmas gift. You could maybe buy a nice little flat screen for your non walking partner and a handy dandy wall attachment.
    I'm so glad I'll get to see some of the games through your eyes. .you are the best tour guide around anyways.

  5. Hey nice gifts. I agree when they come from another part of our blogworld I cannot wait. I got one from France just the perfect colors for Christmas too. Have a great Christmas and all the blessings to you and family. I have my Christmas greetings to all of cyberspace on my post today.

  6. Great gifts you have been receiving from the UPS man.
    I would like to think I would be on your treadmill regularly with a view like that :)

  7. Well that is one great spot for that treadmill. Mine had to be dis-assmebled and hauled out to the treadmill graveyard. It lasted a good few years but it went out of control one day when my son was using it...hmmm
    Congratulations on scoring some Olympic tickets!! What fun...

  8. My guess is that "walking spot" is where a lot of your future post will be thought through. With a view like that, it's prety inviting.

  9. I am thrilled to know that you will be blogging from the Olympics! Wow...I'm going to the Olympics via blogdom with you!

    (I love Swiss chocolate too, and the fact that they date their chocolate to assure that you know your chocolate is fresh.)

  10. Postal deliveries are great, especially when they contain Swiss chocolate AND then, something to prevent the chocolate from lodging permanently.


  11. In my book that is a perfect gift! Last year I received my eliptical machine and I find it a great piece of equipment also. You do have the best windows for the treadmill. What a view!

  12. It's always fun to have parcels arrive in the mail..
    I'm glad to see that you have a treadmill. I'm sure that will be much easier than slipping and sliding on ice....
    That's the best remedy.

  13. Lovely gifts Judy!

    I also received a gift a little early ... a new computer! My trusty old one gave up last week and left me in a tizzy as I lost all my favorites and many files and some photos...ack! Now I have to learn my way around my new one and download my programs, etc. Busy... busy.

  14. The ping pong tale brought back memories of my dad. We used to play together quite a lot when I was a kid. He taught me the "fast serve."
    Have fun walking. :-)


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson