Friday, December 4, 2009

good...and not so good...

If you have had an oatmeal raisin cookie at Starbucks these past few will know that they are good. What is also that the recipes are free for the taking.

And so I took...and tried...and this will be the oatmeal raisin recipe of choice around here in the future. They are soft and chewy...with golden and dark raisins as well as dried cranberries. If you would like the recipe...I posted it right here.

I am also enjoying my Christmas mugs...

...which I purchased at Starbucks last year after Christmas on the clearance table. I'd say they are a cup for all-seasons, since they don't look particularly Christmassy to me.

Not so good? The new instant coffee which Starbucks is promoting. My memories of instant coffee in the past were not that good...and so I thought maybe the new Via would actually taste like the real thing. Not so!

I have a friend coming for coffee today. I'll serve her the real my Christmas mugs...and we'll have a cookie or two. That's good!

Have a good weekend...


  1. There is no such thing as good instant coffee, no matter the hype, the real thing is all that matters! But for where in heck to get the recipe, since there is no Starbucks here!!! HELP!

  2. I saw that recipe when you posted it on MMGCC - looks like something that this family would like too.
    My niece works at Starbucks and she gave me some little packets of that instant coffee for a recent plane trip. While they're not a patch on the real thing, they are better than airline coffee - I just asked for hotwater in a cup and made my own.

  3. Love the mugs and those cookies look duhlicious..(I misspelled that on purpose!) :0)
    Enjoy your coffee break!

  4. Well I recognize those mugs...I've been using mine during this season and somehow they get great raves...
    Now it's about those cookies...I'm heading off to town and I think I need to add a few more things to my list.
    I had Starbuck Gingersnap Latte' yesterday...Is there anything better?

  5. Oh those cookies look so good. I've copied the recipe. Next time I make cookies I'll try them.

  6. I will be going for this recipe next time! I like the mugs too!
    Beautiful pictures that make you just want to sit down and have coffee and a cookie.

  7. I agree about the instant coffee, ugh and the mugs. There are sharp and true not too christmasy for everyday use. I love your header.

  8. Judy ... I want one of those cookies. Now!

    Please pass one to me.

  9. Oh yummy. . .makes me hungry for a nice big oatmeal raisin cookie.
    I smiled as you mentioned the instant coffee. I was raised with it in the house. . and no ..I don't need it either .. and yet my dil loves instant. . .just loves it .
    Your mugs are perfect . . .I remember them too.

  10. Oh Judy, I got hooked up with that recipe, it is such an amazing cookie, from one who never has really like an oatmeal cookie. I mean between the choice of chocolate chip and oatmeal, I would always choose chocolate chip. No so any longer. These cookies are my favorite.

    I have tried several versions of this recipe. I will have to take a look at yours. I finally myself found the original Starbucks one, but have tweaked it a tiny little bit.

  11. I checked out your recipe over at mgcc- it looks great. I love the dried cranberry addition.

    My mom always drank instant coffee - but I don't think it compares.

    Your Christmas banner is gorgeous!

  12. I wish I was that friend. Thank you so much for the recipe. Even though I am not a big cookie fan, I find it hard to resist a good oatmeal raisin cookie that is is soft. As for the coffee...only in an emergency do I drink instant coffee. Great post!

  13. I will now have to try a Starbucks cookie! Thanks for the recipe --I'll try it when I return home
    I never liked instant coffee no matter what is either too watery or too harsh.retmis

  14. woops! Sorry -- I typed the word verification in my comment.

  15. Ya your cookie looks yummy, I've never tried those at Starbucks. I do like their scones and that 'cranberry bliss' thing...or something like that. I've been enjoying my fav Christmas coffee over there, the peppermint mocha. Yummo!

    Your Christmas mugs are very nice btw.


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson