Thursday, December 10, 2009

once in a blue moon...

Clear skies and a bright and beautiful moon is what we have been enjoying so far this month...rather rare for the west coast!

Other than the howling winds on the has been quite lovely.

Once in a blue makes sense to wait until the twelfth hour. Some time ago there was H1N1 vaccine available for those at care workers and hockey players and such. The general public waited...many very impatiently, so we hear. For the past few weeks, there have been clinics for any and all who might be interested...with line-ups around the block. We had always planned to go...eventually...but it just never was top priority. Last night I went to check out the clinic schedules for our area...thinking we might put flu shots on our calendar for sometime soon...only to discover that the last public clinic in our area was yesterday...with one hour left until closing time. We hustled across town and arrived shortly before the doors closed.

There were NO line-ups...the nurses were quite eager to have something to do...and we were in and out in no time. On pays to be late!

Have a great day...


  1. Hooray for you Judy. So just luck is just good.

  2. I read this one out loud as he was sneezing .. .oh dear. .so we missed it then? I am glad you are all sorted out in your immunization schedule. We like to think we've already had it. . .but of course we're not entirely certain.
    Your blue moon picutre is wonderful. I love where the moon and sun come up this time of year. Every day I think I should go take a picture of the sunset. .but I've been putting that off too.

  3. That's a shot I always mean to take - I mean the photo, not the immunization! We were pricked last month and glad to have it over with. There have been two confirmed cases in one of my work sites.

  4. Beautiful moon shot. None of us have gotten the shot here yet. Dear got the regular flu shot at his workplace but they haven't offered N1H1 yet...
    Will be curious to hear if you have any reactions...

  5. Lovely picture of the house.
    No Swine flu for you now then!
    My neighbours have it and they are doctors!
    What a blessing tonot have to wait in a long queue.

    Good to see the children enjoying themselves.

  6. I've never had a flu shot!
    Beautiful shot of the moon.

  7. I guess I missed it again...I'm hoping that if I walk in this crisp cool air, that all those extra viruses will die.
    It's so beautiful outside....

  8. In the early morning hours it is a joy to be greeted with a blue moon picture that contains such beauty. I don't think I would ever leave if I lived in such an amazingly beautiful location. I like the way your home is designed too.

    You are the first people I know that found this empty room when they went for their vaccines. Quite the opposite is usually true. It proves to me that the early bird does not always get the worm.

  9. Great shot of the moon! I finally learned what a "blue" moom is just awhile ago: a second full moon in a single month.


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