Tuesday, December 1, 2009

sneaking a peek...

It's always fun to see what is behind those closed doors...

...and check out how others decorate their homes. We all have our own style...and so what appeals to one is not necessarily for another...but the Christmas Tour of Homes proved that every home, whatever the style, can look beautiful for the holidays. I picked out a few of my favorites...and will take you along to enjoy the tour.

We were rather eager to get on with the tour...and showed up at the first home well of ahead of schedule! One would think the hostess would be a little annoyed at having looky-loos on her doorstep while she is running around tending to last minute details before the hoards arrive...

...but Lovella was more than accommodating! We got our own private tour of her most warm and welcoming festive home. 'The Bungalow' as she calls it...it gives new meaning to the word 'bungalow'. Lovella's home is packed with memories of by-gone days...reminders of Christmas past...a most friendly and cozy place to stay awhile. It seemed Terry thought it might become a little too cozy...because we found him hiding out in the shop...where he had his own decorating projects on the go!

Our next stop was a beautiful 'Bed & Breakfast'...a luxury inn nestled in a rural setting in the heart of the Fraser Valley. We almost required a GPS unit to find our way around this home...where seven trees stood guard throughout the home. If you are looking for a venue for a special occasion...or would like to know what it's like to get lost in a bedroom...check them out. It will be special!

Another favorite...was a 1902 heritage home. Beautifully restored...

...decked out in whites and shades thereof. And the next one was a wonderful surprise...

...a typical 1970's west coast home that has been transformed over the past few years by the new owners. So well done...with so many fun details. Oh yes...and did I mention the best peppermint cookies to sample? We left with the recipe...Marg and I...so we just may be serving them up in our kitchen as well.

Our last stop on the tour...was a home on Eagle Mountain...

...with grand staircases and garlands throughout. Golds, browns and bronzes...candles glowing and the aroma of the holidays. It was a good place to end our tour!

Thanks, Lovella...for giving us a reason to take in the home tour this season...

...and thanks to all of you for joining me in peeking through the windows.

Enjoy the day...


  1. That was fun! I loved that 70's house - didn't they do a great job of updating? The Bungalow is so pretty - that Lovella is talented!

  2. And thanks to you for letting us peek through the windows. All of the homes look beautifully decorated. What a nice outing to kick off the holiday season.

  3. Oh thank you Judy for the peek through your lens. I read it aloud to Terry and then paused. . and said. . oh here is a part about you .. his ears perked up. No pictures of him though. . too bad. . I would have liked that.

    Wasn't it just the funnest day? I loved it.
    woo hoo the word verification is nestie

  4. Thanks Judy for taking us bloggers along on the tour gratis...or perhaps I should send a check to the charity that the tour supported?

    Interesting that the predominate color pallate in each home was white with color accents. Each Christmas has color schemes determined at least a year ahead of time. One year it will be burgundy red and dark green, then plum and silver....that sort of thing. Here it has been lime green and vivid red in the stores...retro 50's colors. But the streets are lit with LED blue lights...I'm not a fan even if it does save energy!

  5. Thanks for the tour - there are some beautifully decorated homes out there. I've just put the wreath on the door and have lots more to do.

  6. Judy, I enjoyed this tour almost as much as the real one! Thank you! Now I can show my hubby some of what I was telling him.

  7. What fun it was for all of us to go on this tour with you. You could have kept all the beauty to yourself and friends, but instead you shared it with us. Thank you so much! Lovella's bungalow is so cozy and inviting just as I expected it to be. The bed and breakfast pictures were enough to have me wanting to book rooms right away. Thanks again for sharing this fascinating post with us.

  8. Wow! Thanks for taking me along. I love seeing how other decorate for the holidays.

    Each place is exquisite and so very inviting.

  9. All the homes a absolutely beautiful. Thanks for the tour!

  10. Thanks for taking us along on your house tour Judy - what fun! Now I know why Lovella was getting everything ready so early - and also why she needs to rest up this week :)

    Beautiful homes and a great cause!

  11. Peaking in at your blog today and enjoyed the house tours.

  12. It was a fun tour. And I can imagine your home being part of the tour for next year...It only takes time and if you gave up the holidays in November, you may just add the right touch....for the Christmas debut.
    So now we need to find time to bake those cookies.

  13. Thanks for the wonderful pictoral Judy. It's so nice you shared it with those of us who could not attend. Call me when you bake the Peppermint cookies - They are Harv's favourite but not mine so it takes a special effort on my part to bake them. (grin)

  14. Oh wow...now that was neat! Thanks for the terrific tour...I do love Christmas and all the trees and lights...

  15. Lovella's house was one of the best! If her home is a bungalow mine is a closet..lol

    What beautiful vignette's of Christmas decor. They looked like magazine photos in their perfection.

  16. Second look...I'm loving the fresh spring pea colored paint in the '70 ranch house. Seems like the cottage had green walls too..a trend perhaps?


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson