Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas in Heaven

Though Christmas is a joyous occasion...many are touched with sadness at this time of they think of loved ones who are not here to share this special time with them. Since the year 2000...we have lost both moms...a sister...and a granddaughter. Though we miss them dearly...we know they are celebrating Christmas in heaven. What does that look like? Are they kneeling with the shepherds...and singing with the angels? Can they reach out and touch His holy face? I wonder...what Christmas in heaven is like.

I think of them...when I hear the beautiful song...Christmas In Heaven ...sung by Sarah Schieber...whose husband died suddenly last year while the two were running the Boston Marathon. She hopes the song will bring comfort to others who are missing loved ones this Christmas. (Click to take a listen.)

Christmas in Heaven

December hasn’t changed
This town looks the same
They still light that tree in the city square
There’s red, white, and green shining everywhere
And I wish you were here
And I wonder . . .

Is the snow falling down on the streets of gold?
Are the mansions all covered in white?
Are you singing with angels Silent Night?
I wonder . . . what Christmas in Heaven is like

There’s a little manger scene
Down on Third and Main
I must have walked right by it a thousand times
But I see it now in a different light
Cause I know you are there
And I wonder . . .

Are you kneeling with shepherds before Him now?
Can you reach out and touch His face?
Are you part of that glorious holy night?
I wonder . . . .what Christmas in Heaven is like

2008 words and music by Jeremy Johnson and Paul Marino

Blessings to you on Christmas Eve...


  1. It is a comforting thought to know that our loved ones who are no longer with us are now celebrating Christmas in heaven. I had never heard this song before, but it is very touching.

    Merry Christmas.

  2. May God bless you and your family with His comfort and joy this Christmas...

  3. What a beautiful song. We miss our friends and relatives who are in heaven, and it is comforting to know they are with Jesus. These are happy tears.

  4. Wishing you a blessed and happy Christmas, Judy. May the year ahead be filled with many good things. I know the sadness of losing loved ones in recent times --- life changes and is never the same --- but the hope of shared times together in our heavenly homes keeps us looking upwards and forwards. I hope your precious memories and hope for the future will see you through. Thank you for your contribution to blogland! I appreciate you!

    Gracious Hospitality

  5. Beautiful relfections in that song! I was debating about posting it (instead of the one I did) so now it's here and I pray it ministers to each one who reads it. Thank you, Judy.

  6. Beautiful! When my Mom was on her sick bed we would often talk about what heaven would be like....I can only imagine it is far beyound what our human minds can conceive. I wish you a joyous celebration and that your reflecting times will hold sweet memories. Kathy (MGCC)

  7. Our thoughts have been turned to Christmas in Heaven as well. These are beautiful lyrics and I'm off now to listen.

    Enjoy a wonderful Christmas Eve and a blessed Christmas Day with your precious family.

  8. Oh that was so good. I'm sure that many will find it comforting and I have just thought of a friend who I'm sure would love to hear it as well. Thank you!

  9. What a beautiful touching for those who have experienced loss.
    I think so much of my mom, and spoke once more last night about the legacy she has left us.
    May you have such a blessed time tonight.

  10. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Judy! Your farm looks rather heavenly in all that snow.

    Thank you for sharing this hope-filled song.

  11. With our brother now in heaven I am actually laughing a bit...he was typically late to the family gatherings at Christmas. Not this year...he not only got to Christmas five days early, but got to the ultimate Christmas celebration ahead of us.

  12. What a beautiful song.... I pray it comfort those who are missing loved ones this Christmas.

  13. Beautiful song very touching and comforting for all of us remembering the loved ones we miss so much.

  14. thank you for posting this. It was a great comfort for me to listen to, as my children and I are walking through the first christmas without my husband.

  15. I clicked on a link at the bottom of today's post (2010) to find this one. It's even more meaningful now as we have lost family members, a nephew, an aunt, and a stillborn nephew.

    And they are all celebrating Jesus' birthday WITH him, in person. I needed this today. Thanks.

  16. That is a beautiful song. Its a comfort to me. I lost my nearly 27 year old brother (2years older than me) this summer in a construction accident. Does the pain ever lessen? I miss him so much.


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