Monday, December 21, 2009

the holiday train rides again...

We went last year...we returned again on Friday the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train rolled into Agassiz on one of it's last stops on the 2009 tour.

We took the grands now they knew that Santa would be singing with a rock-n-roll band and joining CP in their effort to raise funds for the local food bank. In the past decade...the Holiday Train has helped raise $4 million and 2 million pounds of food for local food banks.

Since November 26 of this year...the train has stopped in more than 130 communities in eight states and six provinces. Hunger seems to be a growing problem during these tough economic times...and we applaud CP's effort to make a difference.

Santa came over and posed with our three troopers...and troopers they were, to stand out in the rain for the duration of the concert. I thought I might fool you with the photos...since they make it look as though the snow is falling as the train pulls into town on a pre-Christmas evening...but it wasn't quite that perfect! We all got very damp...and cold...but our hearts were warm and we went for a bite to eat later.

And before the evening ended...the grands came over to bake peppernuts...and sample a little here and a little there. They left for home with a bucket of these tasty little Christmas morsels...and visions of peppernuts dancing in their heads.

Ah...the delights of the season!



  1. You said it - -- the delights of the season - and it's good to see you take full advantage of everything possible.

  2. The real trooper is you and your good man. I love seeing what we'll be doing soon. .next year we'll be at the train too.

  3. Those memories will linger forever in their hearts. Possibly even more, that you made cookies, and they helped and got to take a bucket home.

  4. Catching up on your posts and your heart. Have a very Merry Christmas my friend.

  5. I remember your adventure from last year. I think this is such a wonderful effort.

    And, memories made with your little ones.

    Happy Holidays to you and your family, Judy.

  6. Spending time with your grands I'm sure is delightful. Great memories for them...

  7. I remember this train in last year's post! It looks delightful and it's such a good way to get donations for a good cause.

    Cold and rain are not good combinations ...glad your grands were able to wait for Santa!

  8. Oh I love the holiday train, which reminds me that I have a video I could watch from 2005 of it. Makes me happy that the CPR does such good work.


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