Thursday, April 1, 2010

and coffee to go...

When you are are invited out for don't really expect to have 'coffee to go'!

But when you go for an evening at the home of these particular never know what to expect. We had a fabulous dinner...which included an heirloom baked bean dish...and then we went to check up on beans of another sort.

Though we aren't really in the importing business...we brought back 30 pounds of raw Kona coffee beans when we returned from their request. What ever would they do with all those raw coffee beans? Now we know! We had a tour of  our host's backyard coffee roaster...and watched the process of roasting a batch of Kona coffee beans to perfection. We discovered that he imports beans from the coffee growing capitals of the world...and roasts them to perfection in his own backyard. I like this kind of smells SO good!

What a fun time we had...complete with a freshly brewed cup of coffee!

And as we left for home...they gave us more coffee for the road. There is nothing but the best here this week...freshly ground coffee from Kona or from Mt. Everest.

Come for coffee!


  1. Wow...right in your own backyard. Now that's fresh! :0)

  2. That is SO interesting. The only coffee roasting I've ever heard of is in the fancy coffee shops. I'll bet your freinds' back yard smells heavenly. I like the idea of the 'reverse hostess gift' - coffee to go, indeed!

  3. Good Morning Judy,
    I can imagine the wonderful aroma of those beans roasting. What a wonderful treat!.
    I also enjoyed reading your previous post, you have a beautiful daughter in law.Our husbands never cease to amaze us do they? lol. Oh! so blessed !!Thank you for sharing.

  4. This girl does it all. .grinds her own wheat. .roasts her own coffee. . and always with the coffee pot on to welcome guests. .

    Is that coffee I smell?

  5. Home coffee bean roasting is the newest trend here in the states, too! How nice that Marg's husband is a quality bean roaster! Marg's dinner sounds so good and her table looked so pretty with that arrangement of red tulips. I bet their coffee was one of the best coffees that you've ever tasted!

  6. I wonder if she knows that Kona is my absolute favorite. Maybe I better go tell her, and maybe she will invite me over for a cup. ;-)

  7. Aren't good friends just the greatest!!! Especially, ones that serve coffee and then send some along home. Do they live close to me? I can imagine what a fun evening you all had together.

  8. This takes freshly roasted coffee to a new level..I can only imagine the aroma..ahh what bliss:)
    And a wonderful meal with good friends..can it get any better??

  9. So the beans have been spilled.
    Yup! There is coffee at this end of the valley. Not Ready to take Orders!
    But coffee is always on!!
    Let us refill your pot!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson