Monday, April 25, 2011

the bunny came and went...

Easter Sunday began sunshine...and a wonderful church service.  

Our plans were to have an afternoon Easter egg hunt with the grands...
and as it clouded over, we realized we were in a race against the rain!

The bunny decided to hide eggs at the farmyard this year...
and had no sooner hidden the last eggs...
than the drizzle began.

They never seemed to notice though.

It was the spectators that found it a little damp! 

When the last eggs had been uncovered...
we moved the party up the hill to Kris and Lisa's for Easter dinner. 
We all brought our contributions...

...and Broni brought a work of fruit-art! 

The guys hung out in the living room...
where Kris has been holed up these last few weeks.   
Things are looking up for him though...
he is spending less time in the hospital bed and more time in the recliner now. 
Oh...and he ordered up a motorized wheelchair a few days ago and has been doing a little cruising in the neighbourhood. 

Did I mention that there happened to be a Canuck's play-off hockey game on last night? 
Unfortunately, that did not end well!

Any idea what I might have gifted the girls for Easter? 
Why...a cookbook, of course!

The grandsons decided to dress up for Easter dinner...
and found some ties to match their shirts!

Micah had paska for the very first time...
and liked it just fine!

Once dinner was over...
they begged to go out to play. 
Why...the rain had all but stopped.

They amused themselves out there until the day was all but done. 

And before we all parted ways...
the Easter bunny made one last appearance. 
Until next year!


  1. Sounds like your day went without a glitch. I loved that work of art..and all the wonderful activities that were planned by the colorful Easter bunny and let's see who will fit into that outfit next year.

  2. What fun! We worried about rain showers, too, though none ever spoiled our fun. I see that it didn't dampen the grands' fun a lick. They all look so happy...the guys watching the game look less happy...I'm sure that your daughter and your daughters-in-law loved their gifts, too. And you must have spent some time looking at the pages together. I am so excited about mine arriving any day now. I hope.

  3. Great photos of wonderful, warm family fun - radiates such joy! Love your place - the backyard is gorgeous! Have a great week!

  4. Great pictures from your Easter celebration. Glad the rain didn't make the day a total wash out. Also glad to hear that Kris is on the mend.
    That picture of the little boys in their ties made me smile. So cute.
    As a side note, I wanted to tell you that I made your Sundried Tomato Pesto Torte for our Easter celebration and it was a HUGE hit. It will now become our go to appetizer recipe. So glad you shared it!!

  5. I smiled at this post from beginning to end. The showers did not bother the kids at all ...
    I so enjoyed seeing your wrapped gifts for your pretty girls. So glad that Kris is able to sit and relax in a recliner.

  6. Beautiful pictures! Loved all the thoughtful details and spring colors! The fruit art is amazing!

  7. How great to see Kris in that recliner! Love the ties on the little guys!! Sweet photos Judy.

  8. Looks like you had a wonderful day, so much fun to see the little ones scampering around searching for eggs

  9. That looked like a wonderful day! Kris is looking like he is definitely doing well all things considered! And welcome to the world of Paska, Micah!

  10. What a wonderful day, it sounds like everyone had a great time!

  11. Great pictures! So glad the "hunt" didn't get rained out! :-)

  12. What a wonderful day - Looks like everyone was glad to be together.When there are goodies to find, the rain is not an issue!

    That cookbook made its appearance in more than one house this weekend. There were 8 happy recipients here.

  13. Looks like you had a great time. Love the fruit art...and that cute bunny. I'm sure your guys all went home less than happy with the game....maybe they should dig into the kids treats:)

  14. Lovely post - beautiful foto of MaggieMay at the window!

  15. Looks like a near perfect day! Complete with an Easter bunny - I love it!

  16. It looks like you all had a wonderful Easter, Judy! Kris looks great. and it sounds he is determined to go back to normal life as soon as glad for him and all the family!

    As soon as I got home and had a chance I sat down with the MGCC cookbook and enjoyed seeing the wonderful recipes and the charming stories about each of you. The bios and photographs are delightful! What a beautiful cookbook it is!

  17. I think it so special that you share a bit of your family's togetherness and activities with us. I enjoyed it all so very much. Thank you. It is an honor to be a small part of a beautiful celebration.


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