Friday, April 29, 2011

something old ~ something new...

We all needed a diversion from election talk and hockey...and so the royal wedding came just at the right time!  Some thirty years ago...I got up in the middle of the night to watch the wedding of Charles and Diana.  Today I will brew my cup of coffee tea...toast my English muffin...and enjoy it all from my best Royal Albert fine china while I watch the wedding that was PVR'd hours ago.  I love that technology!

As for the wedding venue...

...we checked it out a few months ago...and gave it our approval.  It is definitely something old! Westminster Abbey is a fine old cathedral...which has seen the coronation of 38 kings and queens since 1066, when William the Conqueror became the first monarch to be crowned here.  It is also the final resting place for 17 monarchs.  It remains a place of worship...with daily prayers and special services held throughout the year.  I'm sure today's wedding will be among the most special!

In keeping with the wedding theme...I'm sharing a wee bit about wedding rings over here.  Hubby's wedding ring took a lot of abuse in those early years...and was sent away to be 'reinforced' several times.  The once etched top was worn to a shiny surface...and after thirty years I decided he should have a new wedding band.  The original was nicely a memento of our vows in 1971.  Last summer on our road trip through Montana, we went mining at Gem Mountain near Philipsburg.  We had great fun...and came away with two sparkly blue sapphires.  I packed them away and recently took them to a see what could be done with them.  We decided the round one would be perfect set in the center of hubby's original wedding band.  I asked the goldsmith what he would suggest I do with the other sapphire.  He looked at the plain gold band that I was wearing on my thumb...and suggested he would put it on that band.  Why not?  Then we would each have our own sapphire ring.  So for the past few weeks...

...we have been wearing our new old rings.  My new old ring was once my mother-in-law's wedding band...and I have worn it since she passed on.  So Princess Kate... I wear my husband's mother's sapphire ring.  I'm sure she never found her rock in Montana though!

So that is my bit of something old...something new...something borrowed found...something blue for today.

Before you rush sure to stop by MGCC where we are serving up Royal Chocolate Biscuit Cake... honour of the marriage of Prince William and Kate. 

Enjoy the day...the pomp and ceremony...and the royal treatment.'s back to hockey and politics!


  1. Oh I love it! What a sweet little connection you have with Kate. Those sapphires look wonderful set as they are. Enjoy your day sipping tea. (I am not, however, so easily fooled. I know what's in that tea cup. Lovely commemorative one by the way.)

  2. I love that you are wearing your mother in law's band..complete with a sapphire on your hand. I always have meant to ask you the significance of that band.
    Beautiful bride wasn't she?

  3. Beautiful rings! What fun. Love your photo of the Abbey!! Enjoy....

  4. This wedding has been a nice distraction from elections and hockey. Much more romantic.

    I love the rings - what sweet mementos. Sapphires are my favorite stone.

  5. What a lovely post, your rings are just stunning! Hope you have a romantic weekend!

  6. I stayed up the entire night to watch the "Royal Wedding", it was worth it all! Your post represented the event perfectly!!

    Your sapphires are lovely, good old Philipsburg. ;)

  7. The rings are beautiful! Blue sapphire is my birthstone (Sept) so it has always been my favorite gem. The family pictures in your previous post are so sweet. We started with 5 and are now up to 10 with #11 coming in is hard to believe!

  8. It was a lovely wedding, wasn't it? True love was in the air this morning and I hope their marriage will remain always so and be blessed.

    I love your beautiful sapphire additions to your rings. That aas a wonderful idea!

    The cake looks so delicious and your china tea cup is so pretty!

  9. Your rings are so wonderful. I'm very impressed with your photo of Westminster Abby. It's taken from a wonderful angle. I was up early watching the wedding but despite thinking I would make scones yesterday I was finishing up the biscotti with coffee. The cake looks wonderful - I will check out the recipe. Thanks Judy!

  10. Really enjoyed catching up on your last few posts! Such lovely photos of your rings! I've watched the royal wedding in today's re-runs and what a lovely reprieve it was from politics!

  11. Wow you did good on that mining trip to P-burg as Chris calls it. The rings are stunning. Lovely idea. Nice tribute to the day! We watched it tonight by DVR with the grand girlies in their princess dresses.

  12. A bit of bling on the old boy sounds good! I forget what year of marriage is celebrated with sapphires, but it can always be a retrospective of that year addition, right?

    Lots of TX girls sported sapphire engagement rings for some reason. Maybe because they look especially smart with denim jeans?

  13. You never cease to amaze me! Blue sapphires put into old gold rings and you have two beautiful new creations. What a great idea! The cake looks too good! My cup of hot tea would work so well with it.


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