Thursday, April 7, 2011

the chef says...

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to take part in a cooking class by Chef Dez...our local celebrity chef. 

Though it was a stir-fry was about so much more.  Why I learned all kinds of fun things!  Did you know that there are onion chopping goggles?  They come in all kinds of colours...even pink for Mother's Day....and are available at Lepp Farm Market locally.  Now that sounds quite tempting...chopping onions without the tears!

Chef Dez threw out a that I'm quite willing to take him up on.  Buy one food product each month that is new to you...and cook with it.  Experiment in the kitchen...try new things.  We get so stuck on our old favorites...that we may need a little prodding to try something new on occasion.

I tried something new last to us that is.  The Chef Dez 'recipe of the month' for April was a Greek burger.

 I changed it up a bit...but we had Greek burgers last night, and quite enjoyed them.  Did I mention that the sun came out yesterday afternoon...and we actually used the BBQ?  Now that felt good.

The recipe for my version of Greek burgers and Tzatziki dip can be found right here today.

I am looking forward to trying the Chef's stir-fry recipes.  Soon!  I didn't know a cooking class could be so much fun.  I think I'll be going again!


  1. That burger looks delicious and I'm sure that it tasted even better on the grill and outdoors. What a great suggestion from the chef! I'd like to take him up on the challenge myself...keeping it to fresh fruit and produce and not the bakery.

  2. Taking a class from a professional chef sounds so interesting, Judy. I'm sure Chef Dez had lots of good tips and information. I love to try new foods and cuisines.

    Going over to MGCC to get your recipes!

  3. He gives a fun class......a seasoned chef! That burger looks so good.

  4. That looks so yummy! I like the challenge and I may take it up too. It is so damp over here that our barbecue has refused to come back to life - there may even be a little moss on it!

  5. oh . .your version of the greek burger looks very tasty. I am thinking on a party menu and now I'm thinking greek:)
    Glad you had fun.

  6. What a great challenge. And the burger looks so delicious. Glad you were able to use the barbecue. Isn't the sunshine lovely?

  7. I'm thinking I need me some of those onion chopping goggles LOL!
    Your burger looks fabulous.

  8. Boy does that ever look delicious. That sauce is one of my favorites, but I have never tried making it. Will have to go get your recipe and give it a whirl.
    I saw the goggles being used on an episode of Paula Deen. They might be worth it if they really work.
    The chef has offered an interesting challenge. I am going to keep that in mind next time I'm at the grocery store.

  9. I just bought a new cookbook with easy, inexpensive recipes. I told my daughter.."Now I just have to be brave enough to try some of them!" Glad you had fun!

  10. What a fun class and I can't wait to try that burger tonight.

  11. looks tasty!! I was going to go to that cooking class but last minute couldn't make it-but thanks for the tip on a new ingredient per month! :)

  12. Now that burger looks so inviting. Have to admit, a good burger continues to remain near the top of my favorite eating experiences....

    Nice to have a seasoned chef to learn from......

  13. I find it so interesting to think about one great cook like you, learning from another great cook like the chef. I know he could learn from you too. The burger looks so good! My family will thank you when I serve these to them. As for the goggles, my sister just got some of them and was raving about how well they worked. She has so much trouble with her eyes watering every time she cuts onions. Not any more.


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