Tuesday, April 5, 2011

free wheeling...

She called me a few days ago...very excited.  

"Can you come watch me ride bike?"  

Between rains...she had learned to ride bike...all on her own.

I waited a few days...
for a break between showers...
and went for the bike-riding demo on Sunday evening.

She is a very confident rider...
and would have liked the show to go on forever.

Oh...that brought back memories!
It may be a very long time ago...
but I will never forget my first solo bike ride.
It ended in a holly bush...
though that never really dampened my enthusiasm for riding bike!

Ranen is here at Camp Grammy's for an impromptu little vacation.
We are baking...and reading...and creating.
Oh yes...and she brought her bike.
Now, if it would just quit raining!


  1. Love the expressions on her sweet face... She looks hesitant in one, determined in another, confident in the next. Have some happy days and I'll join you in hoping the rain will stop.

    My bike riding began by practicing on my neighbor's bike. It was not as large as my own and easier to fall from ...er... learn from. My first day ended with my pitching the bike in the air and its landing on its head. As I recall, I deservedly received a "talking-to."

  2. What wonderful memories of our grands your post has brought back. I so miss them. They are all so big now. Some adults and tweens. We do go to sports and plays but the memory of those young play days are priceless. I wish it would stop raining too Judy. A few days of partly sunny then rain again for days.

  3. I'm thinking that Grandpa might have to do a little paving if that bike rider is to continue riding at your house. What a sweetie!
    You ended up in a holly bush and I ended up on the gravel and 53 years later still have the scar to show for it.
    Thinking of you regularly.

  4. I love her bike riding outfit and that flower on her coat!
    My LAST bike ride I ended up face planting in gravel and still have embedded gravel to show for it.
    Enjoy your time with her...

  5. Her face is so full of joy at her accomplishment. Love the white tights and coat!

  6. OH yes. .I remember my first solo ride as well. Very fun. I was much older than your little one.
    I do hope she enjoys her impromtu grammy camp. ..such a bit of luck for her!
    I smile. ..thinking much like Pondside. .Grandpa is going to have to give the paving man a call. ..but your road isn't anything like ours.

  7. Such an achievement! How lovely that she will have those photos to look back on one day.

  8. I love that she called you and asked you to come and watch her. That is soooo sweet!

  9. You could make cards with those photos .. I especially love the one from the back.

  10. I'm laughing.....I remember my solo ride too....I road right into the back of a parked car and came away with a huge fat lip. Your little gal looks very delighted.

  11. Ranen looks so happy showing off her new skill! Having her as an impromptu guest at "Camp Grammy's" must be so much fun.

    I practically lived on my bicycle in summer when I was young. I would ride everywhere and for hours and hours. Such good memories!

  12. So fun! I only remember my new bike at age 12. Big, pink and white all over and I really couldn't ride it. We had a skating party and I fell and split my knee open....couldn't bend my leg. But I took that bike down the street all bandaged up. I'm sure it was a strange site. So glad you are close to enjoy such moments.

  13. She probably will remember how she learned to drive a bike, we seem to all remember that. My first time I drove right into the neighbours barn, They had a nice sloped driveway and it was easy coasting until I needed those brakes and panicked:)
    Have fun at camp granny's today.

  14. She is so precious. Doesn't it just delight you heart to know that this beautiful little girl can't wait to pick up the phone and call YOU. Love is such a GRAND, GRAND thing. Especially when you are the GRANDma.

  15. Oh what a girlie girl! She has such a beautiful outfit on for the occasion! And so rightfully proud of herself! yay, for having your camera ready!

  16. Oh the memories this post brought back for me. I love seeing the look on her little face, and can imagine how your grandma's heart felt watching her. I have not thought about this for years, but I remember right after I learned how to ride bike, I wanted a basket for the bike like my friend had. For some reason unbeknownst to me, my dad said that if I learned to like cottage cheese, he would buy me one:) I smile now when I think of this unusual request on his part.


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