Thursday, April 14, 2011

a real field trip...

So where would a whole busload of Canadian farm women (and one American one as well!) go on a field trip in the middle of April? the tulip fields of La Conner, Washington...of course!

Since the event was sponsored by our feed company...
and the room was based on double occupancy...
our farm sent it's two most eligible reps (one American!)

The predicted doom and gloom...
mud and rain...
held off until we were about done our two days of touring...
and we had us a fabulous time!

The earth dances in flowers!

One of my favorite tulips had to be this ruffly white number.

 I couldn't resist taking a few pic's of those who work the fields...
rather a happy job, I would think!

We saw so much more than tulips.
The daffodil fields next door were still in their glory.

 And beyond the tulips...
the old farmstead...
and the hardworking International tractor!

As we left the last of the tulip fields...
I noticed their billboard once again...
and I nodded in agreement!

And when we had seen the last tulip...
we found us a cozy spot and some good company for lunch.

And before we made it back to the bus for our trip home...
the skies opened up.

The trip home in the rain was uneventful.
Even the Canadian customs officials were quite agreeable...
and allowed us to return home with little fuss.
(Did I mention that there had been a little shopping happening between tulip tours?)

A two-day field trip...
with all fifty-one coach seats  filled...
went off without a glitch.

Thanks, Vivian and Diane for organizing such a fun event!

Oh...and if any of you are interested in next year's field trip...
you might want to start buying feed from the Ritchie Smith Feed Company.
I'm just saying!


  1. Tulips have never been more beautiful and daffodils, too. Also, I noticed today, for the first time I think, how blue your daughter-in-law's eyes are and how perfectly they match your own (in that photo at least).

  2. Judy I envy you. I've always wanted to go to La Conner! There are no trips for farm wives in our part of the country. In the summer the men sometimes tour the fields and then have a good lunch and beer but that's about it. Maybe if I can ever convince the farmer to take a road trip to the island we'll dip down into Washington. Thanks for taking us to La Conner. It was a beautiful trip!

  3. Tulips have been one of my favorite flower since I was a toddler. What gorgeous photos! I may have to add that location to my travel wish list. Thank you for taking your camera and sharing those beautiful scenes with us.

  4. I loved your photos ..and mosaics so much.
    You captured things I did not and saw it from different eyes.
    It was so much fun. ..and today it is snowing here at my bus stop.

  5. Another wonderful opportunity to mix with wonderful family and friends. I'm sure that the 51 women on the bus were as delightful as the flowers in the field, each one being different and special.

  6. Well your and Lovella's post bring back some good memories! What a fun trip and nice that you could have friends and your DIL along for the fun! See you later...

  7. Awwww so beautiful Judy!!! Brings back good memories from the days when I use to roam those fields in La Conner...I've stood right in front of that famous windmill too!

    Your photos captured the essence of the event so well. Loved them!


  8. Tulips! Fields of them. How pretty.

    Judy, I noticed in the photo of you sitting at the table with the others how very blue and pretty your eyes are, and they are the same as the girl on the left - your daughter-in-law?

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

  9. Live those striped tulips! You make such great mosaic that capture the "Pow!" of seeing beauty every where. We have snow again today, so your and Lovella's post will serve for today's flower garden ramble for me.

  10. Jealous =) I was all set for the trip and between a nasty sinus infection and the pass snowing...I was canceled again from the tulip fields.

    But I am definitely going to paint some...maybe today!

  11. Somehow I don't think that we could ever buy enough feed for our 10 ducks, three hens and two goats to deserve the trip!
    It looks like you had a grand time - all that colour!

  12. I just read Lovella's account of the field trip and also wanted to read yours.
    This looks like such a beautiful place to visit and you have captured wonderful photos of it all. So nice that the rain held off for you.

  13. lucky you! I love LaConner! did you go to the quilt museum? thanks for this preview of Spring.

  14. Judy, your pictures are so beautiful! I'd never done such a bus trip, and enjoyed the colourful tulips, pretty scenery, good company, pool and hot tub, meals I didn't have to cook,and relaxation. Dairymary

  15. I love the pinks! How fun for you and your DIL to go on the tour together.

  16. I would like to buy some feed right now from the Richie Feed Company. I have no idea what I will do with it, but that is not the point. What a privilege for you all to spend the day in the midst of such beauty. Your photography is impressive!

  17. What an amazing field trip! The pictures are beautiful...for a moment, I imagined I was right there. Fabulous...and thanks to you..I got a little taste!!

  18. I look forward to seeing you post and photos about the tulip fields at La Conner's every year, Judy! It is so beautiful!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson