Thursday, April 21, 2011

triple the fun....

We meet together as a 'care group' several times each month.  Those meetings don't usually look anything like the one we had this week!  It just so happened that three of us were celebrating a milestone birthday this month...and so we thought we should acknowledge that!

 The plan was to meet at a lovely resort restaurant for dinner.  What the guests of honour did not know...was that they would be riding there in style!

And once they were safely delivered...the limo driver parked his rig next to the lake...and came in and joined us for the party.  (I was glad he did!)

To get fourteen of us all available on the same night is no small feat...especially during hockey season.  The Canucks had to play without us on Tuesday night...but we'll be back in the cheering section tonight!

The birthday guests-of-honour each had their own personalized menu...and there were boutineers and flowers...and balloons...and take-home favours.  Oh...and sparklers on their cake...

...and a birthday choir they won't forget anytime soon.   And a lot of laughter...and a good time all around!  Who said turning 60 is not a good thing?   

As a care group we have learned to rejoice with those who rejoice...and mourn with those who mourn.  It has been one of those years where there have been many reasons to laugh...but also times of sadness.  How wonderful to have friends with whom to share the ups and downs of life.  This was definitely an up!

Happy Birthday...Dave, Irene and Mavis.


  1. I love this post. OH what fun was happening here while rest of the fans were watching the Canucks hope for game 5.
    I am so glad your driver got his rig parked. .that made me smile. I can see your hand of detail throughout the evening ...well done.

  2. What a lovely occasion Judy, obviously very cleverly thought out!

  3. Now I can relate to this great celebration! Just fabulous. How fun to have a 3 in one celebration. Beautiful...

  4. You folks really know how to celebrate!!! What a FUN evening, love the limo idea! Great photos, looks like you have a wonderful group of friends Judy.


  5. No wonder the Canucks lost! Their #1 fans were busy partying! You 'old folks' sure know how to party! ;)

  6. Hot husband has a limo driver license??? And a limo???
    Bernie is always so annoyed at all the toys the Canadian boys have tucked away in their barns.
    Surely not a limo too!

  7. What a fun celebration! Love all the details that made it special.

    Good food, good friends, laughter - there's little better.

  8. Now that's a spectacular way to usher in a milestone birthday. Best wishes to the birthday people.

  9. Fun, celebrations, joy, it's what makes life worth living. I'm so glad that all of you found the time to get together and enjoy the occasion. What a handsome chaffeur...didn't know that he could drive such a big rig. I love your outfit and that smile is such a winning one!

  10. What a lovely way to start off the 60s. It is not so bad. Looks like you had a blast. V

  11. This was a many wonderful things and I can hardly keep up...but it's all good celebrating together and watching the good times roll.

  12. Happy Birthday is ringing out to you all...what fun! I just loved this post Judy, it made me smile outloud.

  13. Wow! Looks like you pulled off this party beautifully! I love seeing all of the pictures. Quite a handsome limo driver, and a limo makes any event seem extra special. The entire evening will be one that is always remembered with fondness. You sure added fun touches to it all. Thank you for sharing these pictures. I guess turning "60" is not so bad after all:)

  14. What a wonderful celebration! I can't believe your husband drove that long! I think your friends had the very happiest of birthdays!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson