Friday, April 1, 2011

on eating out...

We have many eateries in our little town...with more popping up all the time. That's a far cry from the way things were in my childhood...when we had two restaurants that I recall.  The Peaks...and The Twin Peaks!   It really never mattered to me in those days...since we never went out to eat as a family.  Our big outings were for DQ ice-cream cones!

Things have changed over the years...and though our favorite place to eat is usually at is fun to let someone else do the cooking from time to time. There are many great options out there!

We have an amazing Indian restaurant in worth a visit.

And if I'm with the girls...

...we head to Apeldoorn's for lunch or tea coffee.  It's always special (even the washroom!).

Last summer on our road trip to Colorado...we found this quaint little restaurant in Manitou Springs, Co. 

It looked rather hippyish to me, but what caught my eye was the big sign advertising Yerba Matè.  Now that happens to be my son-in-law's drink of choice, so we went in to check out the place.  We never went so far as to actually order anything, but we picked up a brochure.   It reminded me of a little cafe back that also advertises yerba matè. We decided to check out our version once we were back from vacation.

Since that time...we have been to this little establishment several times for lunch.  Though I have yet to try yerbe matè...the salads and breads are excellent.  Everything is made fresh on site. And is a sister cafe to the one we discovered in Manitou Springs...all owned and operated by the same organization.

We don't eat out that often, but when we's fun to try something a little special!   We are so blessed to have such a variety of foods and eateries to enjoy.  And we are grateful.

Have a wonderful weekend...


  1. I should wait to comment. I'm first too often, but then I am on the East Coast. Okay, I'm not waiting for I might not find my way back. (Would you believe that sometimes I do try to wait? Yeah, I'm weird like that.)

    I enjoyed your mosaics a lot. You really should link up with Mosaic Monday sometime. Mary has some new loose rules about visiting the ten before you or the ten behind you and not fretting about leaving comments for all who participate. I try to visit as many as I can, but I am glad of the "relaxed" rules...not that Mary ever really had any.

    Okay, back to the topic at hand. The mosiac of the Indian restaurant is so warm looking. I might almost be talked into trying Indian cuisine again. Almost.

    Now the house is very charming and you are blessed to have such an establishment in your corner. We don't. They've all closed. It makes me sad.

    So here's to wonderful eateries cropping up all the time. It's a good sign.

  2. Oh my that Indian food really looks good. All these spots you've shown are very nice.

  3. Eating out is a treat when the food is good and/or different from what one would cook at home. I've tried Yerba mate in Argentina and closer to home and can't say I enjoyed it. It was a little like drinking grass clippings to me!

  4. I am chuckling at Vee .. .first to comment but tries to wait.

    I enjoyed your mosaics myself. I do enjoy trying a new place now and then myself. I liked looking at how the colors coordinated at each place you enjoy.

  5. These places all look great...I particularly like the look of Apeldoorn's, my kind of place!

  6. I like your Appledorn photo collage! And about that place that serves yerba mate ... I will have to pass that info on to some people in the family... still a farorite drink for some of them.

  7. Can you name the Indian restaurant? It looks so good...

  8. Well, I think I have tried and tasted at all of those places.
    I know which is my favorite...I tried a new one last night. Rustica's Restorante. It was just what I needed...a quiet place, and just a touch of Andrea Bocelli singing in the background.
    That's all I needed to after a heavy day.

  9. Coffee Shop Nana...the Indian restaurant is called Shandar Hut. I have no problem recommending them!

  10. I never heard of Yerba Mate so It was interesting to go to the link you provided to learn more about it.

    When our children were young we hardly ever ate out but we did take in pizza or Chinese food from time to time as a treat. Now my husband and I find going out together fun, and we love to try different cuisines.

    Your Indian restaurant looks good and the scones at Apeldoorn's look fantastic!

  11. Appledorn's is such a sweet place to meet a girlfriend...or take a granddaughter. I have also eaten at the Preserved Seed....great bread and I bought fresh spelt flour there too. We have never eaten at the Indian restaurant, but always here rave reviews on it.....we have to go one of these days.

  12. That Indian food looks amazing!! But what's a yerba mate? I think I'll stick to my hazelnut latte!

  13. My husband is crazy about Indian food. We used to have several good ones close to our house in Milwaukee but haven't found any here in our new state. I've been attempting to cook them at home with moderate success. What I really miss is the mango lassi (the yogurt drink!)

  14. You are more adventurous than me! But Hubby and I have watched a few episodes of "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" on he Food Network and have decided we should try more local places when we travel. Guy, the host, visits some great little places. I do love coffee shops/tea rooms. We have a new tea room here I need to try. You have inspired me!! :-)

  15. This coffee house looks so inviting! I've never heard of yerbe matè so I'll be checking it out on Google. :)

  16. I just was driven by that very shop on the drive to the airport a week ago Sunday!
    I too love Indian food, and have yet to try Mate tea. Maybe we should dare each other and get it over with?


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