Monday, April 18, 2011


We expect wicked weather on B.C.'s mountain passes in winter.  
But winter is long past...
and this is spring...
and the weatherman promised a weekend of little or no precipitation.

We have family in Kelowna that we hadn't see in a long time.
And Kris had a SUV and trailer complete with motorbike waiting to be retrieved.
And so it seemed like a good excuse to make the trek across the Coquihalla Pass...
and head to Kelowna this weekend.

We left Saturday before noon.
We were just beyond Hope (40 minutes from home)...
when we hit snow...
and it stayed with us for most of the journey!

I crocheted...
and took pictures...
and hoped the skies would be clear for the return trip on Sunday.

It was -9°C on the pass.
This is April!

The floating bridge with Kelowna in the distance...
was a welcome sight.

We had a fine time visiting with family...
who are always so hospitable!
(Who goes out and buys a new bed for the guest room before their brother comes for night?)
We sat around several tables...
ate far too much...
and soon it was time for the trip home.

I have no pictures...
since I was now driving...
and hubby was following with the motorbike in tow.
But take my word for it...
the mountain passes were much worse than the previous day!
My knees are still shaking...
but we are home...
safe and sound!

And parked on the front yard...
is the Tahoe and trailer...

...with the dirt bike that I am willing to take offers on.
I'm thinking he won't be needing the trailer anymore either.
But not thinking of motorbiking anytime soon!


  1. What a trip! Apparently we had snow and hail on the Island yesterday, and it was cold and windy when I left Ontario yesterday. When will be get our spring?

  2. Oh, YES - with parents in Kelowna we know that road soooooo well. 'Rain in the valley - snow on the Coq' is our password from September until June LOL. We had hail here while you were away, and at times it didn't feel much warmer than what you had. Glad to hear you're home safe and sound and Kris is doing well.

  3. I have a few nail-biting winter driving stories myself - no fun at all! Glad you made it safely.

  4. I am so glad to hear that Kris is doing well! I have been keeping him ( and you!) in my prayers.

    This has been such a cold spring in the north! I guess the weather wants to hold on to winter a little longer.

  5. WHEW! I can imagine the anxiety behind that wheel and the hardest part is that you cannot see over the Coke because of the high cloud cover.
    Glad you have both feet on solid ground again...till how long.
    Who knows when your next adventure begins.
    Do you think we can plant gardens today?

  6. Yikes! What in the world is going on? So glad that you are home safe and sound and that Kris is doing well and not even dreaming of biking. Any offers yet?

  7. What crazy weather we're having. We drove that road often when my parents lived in Kelowna.

    Our weather was sunny over the weekend, but so cold. Everyone is longing for spring.

  8. Oh Judy I think I know how you felt about driving those passes. Oye! I'm so glad you are home safe and sound. I know a couple guys here that wouldn't mind that trailer. LOL!
    Love the fact that a new bed for purchased for the guest room for your overnight!!

  9. Glad you made it home safely and Kris on the mend. The weather has been giving a lot of trouble lately, and I wonder when it will end.

  10. Judy, that was quite an adventure; And I'm glad you returned safely. I can't help being amazed at how very different experiences can be in different parts of the world on the same day...this weekend that you were so cold we were sweltering here with 90F on Saturday..and I for one am very thankful that it cooled down again and today is overcast and 60!

  11. Oh my goodness, Judy, what appalling weather!

  12. Ew. Glad your home safe :) Maggie randomly announced yesturday at church, "I miss grammy"

  13. Glad you are all home safe and sound! I would have been a mess on those roads. People who know me pay me to stay home on snow days:):)

  14. It took you a some time to get snow this winter, but now that you have it, it is not leaving. I have been on some of those road trips myself in the snow and I felt your anxiety as I read. Wish you the best in your bike sale. A mothers got to do, what a mothers got to do:)

  15. Bless your heart....what a ride! Glad you had a sweet visit and a safe trip. Amazing... snow like that in April...WOW!

  16. So . .it's best offer?
    I am so thankful you made it home in one piece. We didn't need to add another chapter in the saga of the dirt bike.

  17. So happy you were protected on the road!
    Also happy the Kris is recovering well.
    Sell the bike to the first bidder! quick!!


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