Monday, October 24, 2011

'make mine milk' monday....

Milk... fresh as it comes.
And delivered on demand by the milkman.
That's right.
Does anyone else still have a milkman...
in this day and age?
And my milkman brings milk in jugs that look like this...

I send them along empty in the morning...
and hope they come back full later in the day.
Sometimes I call him on his cell to remind him...
that I am out of milk.
Sometimes he tells me that the tanker just came...
and the milk tank is empty.
If I know the grands are coming...
I go out and buy milk like everyone else.
It seems they aren't used to drinking milk without any butterfat removed.
Raw it is called.  

If you aren't quite sure about drinking milk...

It may just make you want to go out and buy milk...
or maybe a cow or two.

Truth be told...
I'm not that fond of milk.
but I do love the milkman!


  1. Oh Judy that was lovely! You must be so proud of the Milk Man!
    We like milk at our house and drink it with lunch and supper. The Great Dane's father was a dairyman and TGD himself worked in a dairy all through high school, so butter and cream are always in the fridge - not to forget ice cream, whipping cream,sour cream.........
    The kids know better than to ever make a milk-related comment to their dad, lest it result in a very long talk on the entire dairy process. :D

  2. I remember milkmen, and mixing the cream into the milk, or skimming it off the top to make butter.....How wonderful to have that all so fresh at hand!

  3. Yes, I have my own personal milkman, too!

  4. Ha! That's great Judy...that you love the milkman! I'm afraid milk is not too fond of me these days but I can enjoy lactose free variety...

  5. Yay for milk! I don't like drinking it, but I like using it in cream sauces, soups, etc. And all the other milk products - YUM!
    How sweet that you have your very own milkman.

  6. When I was young, my parents got milk directly from the farm. I did not like any milk at that time. Now I often have a glass of 1% chocolate milk.

  7. I love milk. If I were married to a milkman, I'm sure that I'd love him, too. How wonderful to have a fresh, ready, healthful source of supply!

  8. I love milk -- we always drank it as children and I served it to my children. My daughter sadly can't drink much as she has lactose intolerance, but she makes up for it in eating cheese which she can digest well.

    The movie clip was a wonderful surprise! Sadly it isn't playing well for me for some reason--it stalls after 8 seconds :( I will try again later when maybe there will be less traffic.

  9. Came back to tell you the video worked for me after I refreshed the page. You must be so proud of your handsome milkman and his beautiful girls.

  10. So cute and funny. I remember when the milkman used to bring a wire basket of milk bottles (glass) every couple of days...But I didn't love him. Maybe if we'd had chocolate milk I would have...

  11. I think it's about time that we compile a list of the things that we are not fond women wearing tights in appropriately.
    I'm glad you love your milkman, but I leave it at your place on the doorstep on purpose.

  12. I figured you were sweet on the milk man. .it just doesn't surprise me one bit.
    When I was young, we had a milk cow and loved all that cream and butter than went with it. Do you ever churn your own butter? Now I am hungry for buns. .butter and jam.

  13. Aren't we lucky to have our very own milkmen? And I love the photo of your cows!

  14. Those milkman delivered glass bottles of raw milk sure were heavy to shake up as a kid. I still find milk poured from glass containers taste best, although raw milk can't be found.

    I think your milkman is just terrific! And I am glad your cows are not those dangerous invisable kind.

  15. In my childhood, I remember women gossiping about the milkman. Here I read your blog and find out that you love your milkman. Imagine that! Your own personal milkman to love. What a good post! I remember when we were young children, we always took our tin milkpails to my uncle's farm, and came home with milk. A few years later, it was delivered to our door in glass bottles. Today, it all seems easier to me, until I read your post.


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