Tuesday, March 20, 2012

the chicago times...

You thought I was done with postcards, right?  So did I!

But I never gave our trip home any thought at the time...and had totally forgotten that we were flying home through Chicago.  I had never set foot in Chicago before.  Now I have!  We spent a few hours there...more than we had planned on. 

We ordered Chicago pizza and enjoyed it at a window seat while the sun set on the city.  And we watched planes coming and going. And then we grabbed our bags and ran...when we heard an announcement that our departure gate had changed.  No worries.  We had plenty of time, since the flight was delayed.  And then we sat on the tarmac for a very long time.  Why?  Because they were awaiting the delivery of the forms that we Canadians need to fill out when we return to our own country.  Hmmm.  I would think someone could have thought of that sooner.  Oh well. 

We arrived safe and sound in Vancouver at midnight...where it was just above freezing and pouring rain. We called for a shuttle to take us back to our car...and waited curbside until we were chilled to the bone. I'll spare you the details...but somehow we landed up at a destination far from where our car was parked (many miles away)...and eventually had to call for another shuttle.  Several hours later...we were home.  It was good to sleep briefly in our own bed...and watch Global BC news this morning while we had coffee and toast.  It felt like home.  Did I mention that it smells like home too?  Think springtime...on a farm!

Have a terrific Tuesday!  It is Tuesday, right?


  1. Sounds like the biggest adventure was the final chapter of your trip...well, better at the end than at the beginning right?

    Both Bernie and I are trying to figure out how a farm smells in the springtime. Have no idea!

  2. You always let us know what's going on with such ladylike decorum. Springtime on the Farm sounds like a cologne...of sorts. What a pretty sunset photo in Chicago. So glad that you were met with the liquid stuff instead of the frozen stuff after the weather reports I've seen of BC lately. A shuttle took you miles from your car? What incompetence is this? ={

  3. Now that is simply glorious...and I've learned to never trust airport personnel, including shuttle drivers!!! SIgh I can smell the sweet perfume of manure as I read this , lol...no really, I love the smell of manure in the flower beds!! It is perfume in the making, is it not?

  4. Too bad you had such a long last leg of your trip. When you're longing for home, that last bit is the longest even when there aren't any delays. Welcome home - I'm glad you made it safely.

  5. Oh dear...I'm glad you finally were able to plop into your own bed!

  6. Home is good. Yeah, a farm in spring!
    Isn't there beauty everywhere we go?

  7. The shuttles can drive you crazy. That happened to us too and finally we took the taxi...at that time of day you can only think of one thing...Glad you are back and enjoyed your toast and coffee.

  8. It's nice to think of you at your own table, looking across through the window towards that wonderful mountain.
    I inhaled some of that exotic perfume this morning as I drove through part of the valley - nothing quite like it!

  9. Welcome home.....to the 'dairy air'.
    It's been fun tagging along with you on your holiday. Looking forward to chatting with you later this week!

  10. Oh.. I can just imagine ... past midnight in the rain and cold looking for the car. Not Fun!!!
    Welcome home, though. I'm sure that bed never felt so good!

  11. Glad you made it safely home and that you enjoyed your trip...well, most of it anyway! :-)

  12. How long did you sit on the runway waiting? It does seem like a long time when one sits in a plane and waits.

    This definitely brought back memories of a time years ago, on the Chicago runway. My husband and I sat on the plane, on the runway for 14 hours. Yes, you heard me right...14 long hours in a blinding snowstorm. The planes were lined up on the runway as far as we could see. They kept de-icing the plane, but we did not fly. My inlaws were in the airport back east, waiting the entire night. That was 17 years ago. WHen I read your post, it brought back the memories.

    Reading about your trip is like reading a novel. Love that you are sharing it all with us.


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