Tuesday, March 13, 2012

a postcard from Fort Myers....

A little further south...
and warmer every day!
There's a reason Canadians like Florida.
Yesterday we had lunch with my uncle and aunt...
and cousin John...
who live in the Clearwater area.
It was so good to see them again.

we are heading south to Miami and beyond.


  1. Really? Are you sure? Ha!

    (My aunt and uncle are there in their winter home right now.)

  2. What fun to spend time with family along the journey. It looks like you are having perfect weather. I am sure all of us as your blogging friends could provide many friends in Florida, that you could visit with:)

  3. I think you must be heading for the Keys - our favourite winter destination in the 70's. Bottle some of that sunshine and bring it home to BC with you!

  4. Another beautiful postcard. How fun to meet family so far from home.
    The only time I was in Miami was en route...our plane touched down for a short time and gave me a quick peek out the windows while I stretched my legs. Enjoy your day today!

  5. Your photos are fantastic...hope you had a good trip to Miami

  6. I'm gla dyoub were able to visit with some of your family, Judy! Florida is certainly "The Sunshine State"!

  7. Wish I could be there with you in Clearwater! My grandbaby and daughter live in Tampa. It would be a real treat for me to see them. I'm really enjoying all your pictures. Pray you are having a good time seeing the South!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson