Thursday, March 1, 2012

eagles in the mist...

I had no post planned for today...
on this grey and dreary March the first.

But when I looked out the back window this morning...
and saw the eagles congregating in my backyard...
I decided I would do a post after all.

This one's for you, Robyn!

They were flying in by the droves...
and soon there were dozens.
Some gathered in the tree...

...others on the ground below.

There was a lot of squawking happening over there.
I'm thinking maybe it was a 'field trip' for all those young'uns...
the ones without the white heads.

Last week my nephew and his wife (Thomas and Robyn) from Manitoba...
spent a few days with us.
Robyn was on a mission to get some good eagle photos...
and I told her they often gathered in that tree.
They chose to meet elsewhere while she was here!

I know she got a photo of this nest...
though I'm not sure the mamma was on guard at that time.
Did you know that the typical nest of a bald eagle is 5-6 feet in diameter...
and three feet tall ?
It doesn't look quite that big when taken from the distance.

On the last day of February...
our bonus day...
we had blue skies in the morning.
It was the perfect backdrop for taking eagle photos!

Soon the eagles will be on their way.
Spring is just around the corner!


  1. AMAZING!!! I would love to see that. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  2. Such amazing photos!
    Amazing you are blessed to see so many and up close too.
    When we are in Montana I've always got my eyes on tree tops and telephone polls....sure to spot a nest..
    Thanks for sharing what we don't all get to see everyday.


  3. Isn't that always the way?! Glad that you could assure Robyn that there are indeed eagles about and in that very tree. Did I ask you about tree damage? Do eagles break the tree crown the way vultures do? That last photo is incredible.

  4. That is a large gathering of eagles! I'm always happy to see them coming back from the verge of extinction.

    Do you know where they go when they leave your area?

  5. The extraordinary in the ordinary...Beautiful!
    Thank you

  6. Wow, this post is fabulous, the eagles are amazing. Really? This man eagles in one place just blows my mind. My hubs must see this awesome sight. I hope Robyn was able to get some good shots while she was visiting. I had no idea the nests were that large. Thank you so much for sharing this eagle parade.

    I need to visit you more Judy. It has been way too long since I have visited you.

    Hugs, Jeanne.

  7. Amazing! I've never seen as many eagles my whole life as in B.C.!

  8. Well, I am impressed. I don't think I've ever seen a "flock" of eagles.

  9. When I was in Canada, I saw two eagles in two separate locations and thought I was in heaven. It never occurred to me that there could be a flock of them! I'd be over the moon to see that.

  10. Alfred Hitchcock comes to mind!

  11. I wonder what is at your place that they like. That's a lot of eagles in one spot! We only get the odd 1 or 2 flying around - they don't party a few miles east on our farm. Dairymary

  12. We have noticed so many more eagles this year, but not that many in one location. I'm sure it is interesting to watch them.

  13. I did not know eagles congregated like that. They are usulaly see soaring alone. Must have been a special meeting.

  14. Robyn came close to missing the mountains and she did miss the eagles. The life of the photographer! You got some beautiful shots to share with her--and us.

  15. What an amazing sight! I think I may have only ever seen one of those birds in my lifetime. Thank you for sharing their beauty with us.

  16. Oh the joy of being so young, agile, and carefree. Your cupcakes are adorable! What a good grandma you are!

  17. Wow! I've never seen more than one or two eagles in the same place at the same time. It's amazing that you get great flocks of them in your back yard.


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson