Monday, March 12, 2012

a postcard from Florida's Emerald Coast...

We checked in here after dark.
Did we want an ocean view room...
or one that faced the parking lot?
Of course we wanted a room with a view!
But the price was dear...
and we were leaving first thing in the morning...
so we chose to save the dollars and by-pass the view.
The girl at the counter gave us a gift!
This was the view we looked down on in the morning.
Sugar-white beaches that stretched as far as the eye could see.


  1. Unexpected gifts can add so much joy to life. This gift was extra special! Miles of white beaches...what could be better!

  2. Oh how sweet of her! Beautiful view...those chairs that color against the white sand. A feast for the eye!

  3. I hope you had a chance to take a little walk on that beach.
    What a kind thing for the desk clerk to do!

  4. Its here where I break into two choruses of Rub it In Rub it In!!

  5. What a sweet surprise and what a beautiful view. Too bad you couldn't enjoy it longer, but I have a feeling you are off to another exciting destination.
    Enjoy and thanks for keeping us posted :).

  6. Oh so beautiful! Could you not have tarried a litle longer?

  7. Oh Judy...that is a gift! Looks to me like a trip to Florida would be amazing...ocean side!

  8. Oh Judy...that is a gift! Looks to me like a trip to Florida would be amazing...ocean side!

  9. Did I read that you only stayed for ONE night????
    That is a fabulous picture! Looks like you are having a great time. Love your "post" cards!!

  10. I'm sure that you told her it was your 60th birthday...
    But it looks cloudy just like here...and cold. I just purchased some more layers for my ski trip next week.
    I won't change my header till it's sunny outside.
    I am making noodles today!!!!

  11. Luuuuuuv the contrast of the aqua blue beach chairs and the white sand!

  12. A wonderful perspective on the beach, Judy - it makes an inviting photo.

  13. Ahh, good for the girl at the desk for giving you a room with a view! Beautiful...

  14. What a beautiful beach! You won't find any beaches in Key West, but watching the sunset at Mallory Square!


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