Thursday, January 31, 2008

snow beautiful!

When one is a farmer's wife, cheering about the snow is frowned upon! It makes a whole lot more work for the guys at the barns...and they get a little tired and grouchy about it. But secretly, I must applaud the snow on occasion, because it really doesn't get any more beautiful than this!

I whipped crawled into town yesterday to visit my cabinet maker. My antique white cabinet doors above my stove need a little help (they are more antique than all the's called smoke damage!). So while I was out and about anyhow, I took a few pic's along the way.

Our former city hall (now the museum) looks quite stately on any given day...but much more so under a blanket of snow.

St. Thomas Anglican Church is a landmark in our downtown area...built in 1897.

...and just down the street is this lovely heritage home, that I try not to visit too often (it is actually a interior design shop, which carries wonderful things...although a little pricey).

Across the street is our local 'academy of music'...also housed in one of the heritage homes.

And through this gateway lies a beautiful home...which doubles as an art gallery. Their gardens are incredible...I got a glimpse at last year's Rotary garden tour!

That's a side view of the house behind the gate!

I take the scenic route home along Old Yale Road (which was once the Trans-Canada Highway), and stop at the road of this lovely old farm.

I used to visit here as a kid...and now it is owned by friends of ours, so I still visit here on occasion.

Their house was built in the early 1900's, and is a beautiful old home!

And here is a neighbouring home to the one I just posted...another lovely old heritage home that had Dutch royalty living in it during one of the wars. It suffered some fire damage a few years ago, but has been totally restored. Maria (the owner) spends countless hours in her flower gardens and this place is always amazing in the summer.

Further along the old highway, we pass by another old farmhouse which has some meaning to me...well, it actually has more meaning to my sister-in-law (Liz) who once lived here. I also remember being in this house as a kid.

I'm on the home stretch now...and am thinking this place looks pretty good all decked out in white also!

And since I had to stop for a train...I took the opportunity to get a picture!

Although the snow has turned to rain in the Vancouver area, we had more over night. Our city has run out of salt, which has caused somewhat of a problem on the roads. But for now, we'll forget about the problems and enjoy the beauty of the snow...before it turns to mush!

Have a wonderful day...


  1. I love those pics of 'wintery' heritage homes!
    Snow does look beautiful!
    That's a scary thing for a city to run out of salt..

  2. hi! we've clearly never met, but i stumbled onto your blog back in fall, from bonnie esau's (i went to bethany with bonnie) and soon realized that you're gill's aunt! (gill is dating my brother, chad) just wanted to say how much i enjoy reading your blog!

    Geralyn Penner

  3. Good for you for getting out of the house. I was pretty much stuck at home. . .

    The heritage home pictures are just beautiful. The city hall is just gorgeous with a bit of snow to brighten it up.

  4. Love your photographer's eye for the delights of winter. I found myself daydreaming about the lovely square rooms that must exist in some of the homes that you posted...ahhhhh!

    Hope that your cabinet maker is able to fix the smoke damage with no trouble.

  5. The 'Old City Hall' is quite a work of Western architecture. I have again enjoyed your "theme" tour of Heritage buildings. Thanks. Oh yes -- The picture of the train was priceless as well. Martha

  6. What a fabulous winter wonderland!! Beautiful homes...and I love the photo of the train!

    blessings, kari & kijsa

  7. Some great shots. Now it's back to rain and we just have to get through the mush and wear our gum boots.
    I recognized the Epp farm.
    Hopefully we can go walking again soon.
    Sounds like those doors could be a challenge eh?
    I need to drop by and check it out.

  8. Jude, the pictures are great! They would look great framed! I love the city hall/museum - which I can't believe I have never been through! Dot

  9. Judy, I am really enjoying your photos, thank you for sharing your snow with the rest of us. It is truly beautiful to look at. And I love the composition of your photos.

  10. I just love these shots...I love the snow, and do miss it...lucky girl!

  11. Hi Judy, I'm reading your blog again, looking for your fruit crisp recipe, as I think it makes more than mine. You are such a good photographer! And things seem to look different in a photograph than when you've seen them in real so often. Two of these homes are very familiar to me, as Maria is my aunt, and the house below it is my brother's farm! Now, to find that recipe.


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